• Hi,

    I have had one of my Basenji family members stolen. My 8 year female Babe. I have done everything humanly possible in the hopes of getting her back and still continue all efforts. But my beautiful Basenji boy Harry is lonesome and I need to consider finding him a buddy while we hope and pray his sister comes home to us.

    I am hoping to find someone with pups this year, fanconi free, that maybe didn't sell all of them and are down to the last couple and would make a deal to a home that has had nothing but Basenji's for over 20 years. They have an acre fenced yard with a pet door into the house and they sleep in our bed under the top cover. Have toys all over the house and they are our entertainment…the Basenji 500 is our favorite!!! Can't have one of those without the 2nd dog because we humans are just not fast enough for Harry.

    Please help me locate a pup if it is possible.


  • One of the breeders at the Sedalia Missouri dog show today told me she has a female puppy with a bite that is off that she will place for a spay only. If you are interested contact me and I will give you their contact info, they are from KS.

    Lisa istew@fidnet.com

  • If you get this basenji, please share photos and info with us on how it going.

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