• Sunday Dolce took best in field at the Metropolitan Atlanta Whippet Association AKC event in north Georgia. Not only did she win Sunday's event, but she beat her competition, a greyhound, to the finish line! Pictured here is Dolce and her Mama and Les Pekarski whose partner Shirri Peak passed away a few weeks ago. This trial was dedicated to Shirri and the best of field prize was named in her honor. Dolce was extremely proud to be the first recipient of this great award!


  • Wow! I bet Dolce is very very proud of his HUGE ribbon!!! I know I would be. Congrats Dolce!

  • That's just fabulous - all of it. how touching.
    And that's a HECK of a ribbon!

  • Congratulations to Dolce!

  • WOoHoo that is really super

  • There were 7 dogs total competing for Best in Field. All of them had nice runs but Dolce gave everything she had and she kicked booty! Dolce may be little but she is determined and running against a Greyhound didn't phase her at all. She earned a 5 point major for this win! If memory serves, she has 3 majors and a total of 13 points towards her AKC field champion title. Just 2 more little points to go. 🙂

  • First, OMG WOHOOO, and yes not only a great win, but how touching to be part of the tribute.

    Second, Robyn, I am so happy to see you post. You are in my thoughts a lot. Hope things are going okay.

  • That is awesome. Way to go Dolce

  • Way to go Dolce! Congrats to both of you - well done!

  • Congratulations to Dolce - what a fitting tribute! She's a beautiful girl for sure.

  • Congrats!


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