First post of Hana pics :)
Arizona Basenjis

OK trying to get more active here so some pics of our girl Hana
(more in the gallery)

wife and I get a kick out of how she sits on the stairs 🙂

loving her toys 🙂

napping after a fun day

this is now her favorite spot in the yard to sit and watch the bunnies and quail etc.. we have behind our place !

put a nice pad on our pool deck box where she loves to lay in the sun

as the wife says the sun is her Kryptonite ! she loves to sit and close her eyes and relax in the sun !

the kids were picking lemons so of course she had to join in !

just a nice shot to see her pretty coat

She is really a beauty! Yes, it looks like she is really loving the sun. As for picking the fruit, did she find out that lemons are rather sour? 😃

She is too cute. Who did you get her from?

She is very nice, the more I see photo's of the different colours I love them all. Bet she can stand at the looking spot for a long time, it's just the right height for her chin to rest on it.

Arizona Basenjis

thanks all 🙂

Kipawa 🙂 I think she likes the idea of picking but for sure did not like them 🙂

Tanza Cindy Griswald out of Texas her Parents are also in our sig 🙂

stash 🙂 yeah she sits then its funny when she sees the bunnies or birds she goes nuts runs a lap around the pool then goes back rests her chin and watches ! or I have to get a video one day she starts to dance in that one spot with her rear legs !!! its funny she gets so so excited

Arizona Basenjis

one fun thing when we got her from Cindy she mentioned how much Hana talks 🙂 and she still does
every morning she talks a bit
when I go out and come back home she talks or when you dont see her for a few hours she says hello
when she wants your attention she talks

and its interesting cause the waking up is the same every time the welcoming is the same the I want to play is the same etc.. very interesting how she is so vocal never really loud either 🙂

also our girl loves loves loves to play fetch which does not sound so common with Basenjis ? but maybe it is she loves to have her toys thrown she runs gets them brings them back and wont stop !
often we are just sitting around and she runs gets her squeaky as we call it and drops it in your lap and then gives us the I want to play BAARROOOOO

out of all the dogs I have had over years she is by far the most cuddly has to be IN your lap and push up against your neck and nuzzle in

You're certainly in the right state for a Basenji, all that sunlight year round!

She's a gorgeous brindle and is no exception to the odd behaviors of a Basenji (how they like to sit on stairs/furniture/etc).

She's a very pretty girl and sounds like a very typical Basenji. Mine would give anything to have so much sun - Hana is very lucky.

Cute, i love her colors.

She is a very pretty girl, and obviously has a wonderful life with you. Thanks for sharing.

What a beautiful brindle girl 🙂

Arizona Basenjis

thanks again 🙂 yup fun pup & we are very happy with her

Arizona Basenjis

hanging out and she heard MOM coming in through the garage 🙂

What a pretty face! Lovely picture. 🙂

She really is lovely! Such presence.

What a beauty, thanks for sharing the pictures

Arizona Basenjis

thanks 🙂 was fun to be sitting their the moment my wife came home to watch 🙂

Lovely girl (I am a sucker for all breeds of brindle)!

She is really gorgeous!

Beautiful girl. Gotta love those brindles. Love for the sun is, I think, a standard basenji trait; It can be 100 degrees on our porch and Shaye will be out there, soaking it all in from the sunny spots.

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