1st pic posts, Akila at Vulcan lake

I'll just post one to see if it works:)

She is a cutie…

Can I ask where you got your b from?

She's cute! Heck of a place to take a nap in that first pic..lol!


I'll just post one to see if it works:)

Funny how she decided to sleep in the shade. I thought all Basenjis were crazy about the sun. Even they have their limits. 😉

Nice photos, thanks!

I worked with a guy in Corvallis who had an accidental B litter. I know that sounds bad, his brother brought over a male B while his female was in heat. Anyway we picked her up at about twelve weeks.

She actually ran up ahead of us while on the hike and laid down on that rock for like two minutes waiting for us to catch up:) It was probably eighty degrees in those photos, I'm not sure she read the B book cover to cover.

She's likely cooling off for a while. Lovely pictures.

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