• Maybe it has lost its lustre because I am older? I used to watch it when I was younger, all starry eyed, going to the bathroom only during the commercials. Of course I am now older, have seen life, and technology has changed to a point where we can pause our televisions.

    Did you notice how many stars must be using Botox and various face fillers? People in their sixties look like they are in their thirties… sigh. Or maybe it is all of that good LA air they breathe. đŸ˜‰ LA folks on the forum, that was a joke. đŸ™‚

    I loved the Cirque performers - amazing. I have seen the Cirque show in Vegas about the Beatles and it was very magical.

    And please ... could someone feed Angelina Jolie a sandwich, or two? or five. She just doesn't look healthy.

  • I didn't even watch, forgot all about it. We rarely go to movies anymore, or even watch them at home, so I knew nothing about any of the films up for awards. And yes, I can remember staying up very late to see who got Best Picture, Best Actor, etc.! I do however like looking at the dresses, but I can view that on the computer the next day.
    Glad the show was fun, I love Billy Crystal!

  • We didn't watch the Oscars, either. Like Anne, we rarely go to movies…can't even remember when the last time was we went. We watch them on TV, however. In fact, we spent last night watching two old western movies with Burt Lancaster, "Lawman" and "Ulzana's Raid." For a particularly good recent movie, we'll spend the $5.99 to watch the HD version on Pay-per-View.

  • LOL I ws JUST saying to my husband to look at Jolie (clip was on tv). I have never seen her look like that. She has always been great weight, muscled… she is a skeleton.

    That said, every year about 7 to 12 of us have an oscar party. We don't start the party until 9 pm, lol, don't start watching til nearly 11. Much food and fun ensues, we mark our ballots and watch, cutting out MOST of the speeches along the way, critiquing clothes and hair and really having a blast. It's the only way to watch, lol. No commercials, no listening to anyone we decide to fast forward through. But we are all movie buffs so it simply is wonderful for us. Of course, I didn't get home until 3 a.m. and didn't actually get into bed til 5 am---so of course these LOVELY dogs had to be up before 8. Larry said Cara cried and then began BOOFING for over a half hour. He said he started to call me as he first thought it was arwen and something must be wrong, but then saw it was Cara. Since she hates the crate, he knew she was fine and rather enjoyed it as he had never heard her give more than a couple of BOOFS. He said she got tired and went to sleep finally.

  • First Basenji's

    I don't own a television, so this is the first time in possibly almost 10 years that I have seen the Oscars LIVE via an unauthorized web stream (muahaha). So that fact alone made me quite giddy. Didn't see all, but saw most of it. Overall it wasn't quite as thrilling as I remember previous years though. Only one dance/musical performance? Only two nominated best original songs? Seems like they were really under pressure to keep it within time constraints. Some classy speeches towards the end (I thought the "odes" to each of the best actor and best actress nominees was a bit much though), and I was delighted to see two meta-cinematic movies, The Artist and Hugo, so richly rewarded. Gotta admit, haven't seen either of those two yet, but those are the ones that I'm most eager to catch. I've heard a lot about The Artist and am already predisposed to love it given my interest in early silent film.

    The black and white photographic presentation of the In Memoriam tribute (always a bittersweet highlight, one of the primary reasons I want to watch) was lovely. "What a Wonderful World" was a trite song selection, but I'm glad that they didn't choose "I Will Always Love You" and went for a more understated nod to the late Whitney Houston.

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