New CH UKCH Meisterhaus Neon Nights

Friday Tempest earned her AKC bench championship at Indy under judge Robert Frost. Now she can get back to her true love which is chasing the plastic and furry bunnies.


Congratulations on the new champion 🙂

Congrats!!!! They are both lovely bitches!

Wonderful news! congrats.

Well done! Basenjis look so elegant in the show ring, and then the next day they can be mud covered. Gotta love 'em. 😃

Beautiful wrinkles on her! Congrats to you!!

Congratulations! LOL love titles on both ends, but it is fun to do the things you enjoy most. 🙂

Many congratulations - she looks a lovely bitch. I'm sure she's pleased now to get back to her proper job!!

Beautiful dog - but I think Meisterhaus dogs always are. Congratulations.

Thank you everyone. We are going to have very muddy conditions for straight track racing this weekend. Will see how she feels about that. I know Trog will run thru it to chase his bunny. I'm sure I will be toweling them dry after every run as the temps are to be between 29-45 and the mud is deep.

Congrats! It has been wet in my area and the backyard is getting muddy. It does not help that the dogs are chasing the squirrels! It is supposed to be dry for a few days and I hope the sun is out for the yard to dry.


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