• First Basenji's

    My daughter and her husband and our 2.4 year old came for a visit. To my knowledge, Uzie had never been around toddlers or miniature humans…He is very wary to strangers to begin with, has gotten better since the 9mos with us, and especially when they proffer a treat, he will even take it gently with uncurled tail! Anyway, long story highlights: when Drew has a meltdown as most children will do out of their element and no nap, the screaming really made Uzie nervous. (my body tenses too!!) I was in the other room, my daughter who is 7mos pregnant was carrying Drew to the living room (not making any sounds at this point, but I guess he just could not comprehend the two headed figure...!) and had to pass Uzie on his bed. I heard this blood-curling girly scream and ran to find out that it was not the baby being eaten by the dog, but Uzie having the meltdown... would not move from the bed until I came into the room to let him outside. Up to this point, his 'fear' had subsided and was generally ok with the new comers, though looking at me, like " why do they have to be here???" Drew is a mini dog whisperer as he lives with a Pom and Pom/chihuahua mix. He literally does not look, talk, or walk towards (any) of the dogs and they like this of course. Anyway, Uzie would growl etc when someone besides me would walk into the room. I of course sat next to him on the floor the first day and night, and he slept in my bedroom separate from the guests all three nights. I guess I am pretty proud of him as he had no inclination for escalated fear or aggression towards anyone. Got a lot of exercise and outside time. Right now he is VERY emotionally happy to have normalcy to our routine. Just one thing to add, he is not feeling to well physically as he got stung by four ground dwelling yellow jackets on our walk this am so he has something else to deal with today. PS: cortisone cream mixed with Adolf's meat tenderizer helped with the swelling and itching as well as a Benedyl....Never a dull moment. He is the most vocal Basenji I have ever met, no sounds like the one I heard on the rescue page from BCOA. Anyone else experience this sound???

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