Anyone have advice for a male basenji afraid of kids? Brigs is 8 years old and will try try to bite

  • Help my nephew ( 5 years old) is visit next week from out of town and my 8 year old basenji is afraid of kids.. Briggs basenji will go up to kids and growl and try to snap ..Cant crate..confine him , he trys to break out and will hurt himself doing so..

    Any ideas will be appreciated..My 10 year old female basenji is fine wth kids

  • Obviously, keep the dog away from the kid! If you can't crate him, is there a fenced backyard where you can put him some of the time? Otherwise, you could tether him to yourself and keep him away from the child that way. Or perhaps there is a kennel or doggie daycare where you could park him for a few days? You can't really afford a bite, so it is up to you to keep both your dog and nephew safe. There are possible longer term solutions, but IMO there isn't really enough time to work on it when the visit is so soon.....

  • Wow, I'm afraid that's pretty overwhelming to deal with and like eeeefarm said, no way on earth to do it in a week. However, you do need to begin working on it soon and plan on a very long time to turn this around. Because this dog has shown he will grown and try to bite, your risk of him actually biting, and your legal liability are huge.

    If you can buy or borrow a secure crate (they aren't cheap) that he can't get out of or hurt himself in, do so. If you can't, do what eeefarm suggested, and make darn sure that leash and collar are totally secure.

    Once your nephew has left, please get a trainer to start working with your family and this dog on both children and crating. They are very important and it can be overcome.

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