• well, ive never had this issue before - i am unsure how to make it stop/curb it.

    I have had a run of bad luck - my 4wd (which fits my crates) got run into (in my driveway - yeah!) and the driver fled the scene etc. Police being lazy and wont follow it up (cars 3 doors down) ANYWAY enough of that (insert angry words here)

    • my problem. Now i only have my partners car. its a sedan.doesnt fit my crate. So the last two car trips the girls have been tethered in to the back seat- no issues there as Hope is used to it. Not so well for Ebony. She gets carsick. im not sure if because in the sedan shes lower in the car and cant see out as easily (in the 4wd ur up higher etc). Next (minor) problem - the other half has leather seats…. leather seats and dog spew... not so great (well easier for me to wipe off instead of washing car covers, not so great as in return i get a grumbly other half) If she keeps spewing she wont be allowed in the car 😞

    Does anyone have any recommendations to help with car sickness? i am going to look at getting a smaller crate and see if that helps but if not... i dunno. do they grow out of it?

  • I had to use Gravol with my first girl, but she did grow out of it. (which was a good thing, as she was very difficult to pill. ) Worth a try. If you think she needs to be higher, would a kid's booster seat help?

  • How about putting in one of the back seat covers for dogs? I know they are not cheap, but at least no dog spew! We had one dog, that when we were travelling always puked. We also had to build a platform for him-he never, ever puked in my car when we had him up on the platform, in every other car he puked. Not so easy to do in a sedan. Hopefully you will get a new car soon. When my daughter rolled my car I had access to a car that wasn't mine and hated the feeling of not having my own car!

  • Old blankets are your friend 🙂 My car's backseat is covered in blankets…if they were to make a mess I can toss those in the washer.

  • I've only had a carsick B once: when my hubby fed Ben a donut, THEN tethered him in the back seat and took him on the roller coaster track to the hunt camp. If the dog can't see over the back of the seat to look out the front window, I think it messes up their equilibrium. The other dog, a BC, is taller and didn't get sick.
    So, fast the dog, give him gravol, and if possible elevate him so he can see over the seat. Also, if either you or your partner smokes in the vehicle, get used to dog yaak on the back of your head…

    P.S. To this day, Ben's ears wilt and he runs away when offered a donut...

  • Got old blankets in the car 🙂

    Got a more stream line crate and tried that, she spewed on the way there but was buggered n slept the whole way home so she didn't get a chance to have a chuck.

    I have a lung disease (genetic) so there's no way I smoke and sensibly enough, my partner doesn't either 🙂

    Where can I buy gravol from? Will have to try to elovate the seat

  • I used Benadryl (basically same as Gravol) when I had to make a long trip (5.5 hours) with Kipawa last summer. I was surprised it only took the edge off him getting anxious. But it DID help. I am also finding with Kipawa that with a good cut of steak, I can put any pill into a steak tidbit and get him to 'enjoy' the pill!

    In my 2 dour coupe, I flip the backseat down and use a metal barrier that keeps Kipawa in the back. Perhaps this would work for you?

  • @Moth:

    Old blankets are your friend 🙂 My car's backseat is covered in blankets…if they were to make a mess I can toss those in the washer.

    Oohh.. Pretty similar story with my cairn terrier. He is cute and adorable but once we start to go ride on our car, he acts weird. We don't bring crate. Just like this one, we bought a pee mat(2 pcs), one at the flooring and one at the next to my seat since he used to be with me always. We do that since it was untimely when he pee, maybe because of nervousness.

  • I remembered that she gets car sick, so she will probably get bus sick too.

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