Spayed my girl and now shes sick!!

  • Hello everyone,
    My Heidi is my beautiful purebread, red and white basenji and she was spayed two weeks ago, and had her umbilical hernia repaired, and all of her shots, and she came home very lathargic…which i though was just because of surgery....well she is moving around better, but she has had a horrible "cold" and is sneezing and reverse sneezing, snorting and snotting alot....alot of snot.....and she is on amoxicillin 2x a there anything i can do to help her recover sooner? She is 2 years old...and really the first dohg that i have had since i was a child, she is the best dog ever and i hate to see my girl suffer.
    ALSO, We just adopted her "half sister" just a week ago, and it is a basenji/austrailian shepperd , but the mother is my Heidi's mother, and the puppy is 7 weeks old, and is starting to sneeze, what should i do, can a puppy so young get over this mess? This is all new to me, my dog has never been sick until her first time staying at the vet for surgery,and they said she "may " have gotten it there, well yeah! she has never been around another dog, (she is a fence climber, so her acre play yard is wrapped in a 6 foot wooden privacy fence with 6 inches of concrete under) so since she has been exposed,ofcourse she picked it up there!......but any advice i would really appreciate.........Thank you all so much!!!

  • Sounds like you have kennel cough, and now have exposed the puppy (who at 7 wks is too young legally in many states to have been placed. This breeders should be spanked. 😞 Anyone can have an oops litter .. but then didn't keep the pups long enough. And that the person let you bring that pup into your home with a sick dog.

    Go to the vet NOW, get them checked to confirm kennel cough. Insist they pay for the treatment. Although if your dog had recently been vaccinated for KC and the pup, the infection SHOULD be milder than normal. Doesn't sound like it.

  • Houston

    Yes, sounds very serious in my mind might not be anything but it definitely warrants a visit to the vet to rule out anything serious… Keep us posted and best wishes for swift recovery for both of them.

  • Go to a Vet, we are not Vets on this list. And the comment about the pup being placed at 7 wks is right on!

  • Thank you for the replies, i am taking them this afternoon. Yes, the breeder stopped breeding basenjis and the oops litter he wanted rid of quick ,but i really hate i have exposed this little one to this, but hopefully the vet can get the jump on it early.Like i said, my Heidi has always been healthy, and i have always kept up with her healthcare, but i just didnt know about the cold thing and i know i can depend on the pack for good info…. THANK YOU! 🙂

  • By the way, dogs really do not get colds….. not like humans do.

  • Please keep us posted as to how things go, okay? Wishing them both a speedy recovery and less worry for you.

  • Well, i took the girls to the vet today, and the doctor says Heidi has sinusitis…amoxil 3x a day for 14 days...he says Baylee the puppy looks fine, even though i see her nose running a little, he says its is normal to have that wet nose. Time will tell. He also said recheck in two weeks and if nothing changes may need to change antibiotics... He also says Heisi may have allergies....I had never thought about that.....but we will see. Thanks for all your post ,info and well wishing, i think they will be good to go soon! 🙂

  • Heidi might be allergic to penicillin. It might be an idea to contact the breeder and find out about the medical history of Heidi's for-bearers. For a long time after I got Mister Two Dicks, he would throw up for what I though was no reason. I would give him dry food, he would throw up. I would give him canned food, he would throw up. I would give him beef bones, he would throw up. After much complaining to his breeder and others, it suddenly dawned on his breeder that Mister Two Dicks' grandfather was allergic to beef. Ever since, no beef, no throw ups. It could be that Heidi is allergic to something and it is hereditary. Just a thought.

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