My girl is spotting

my girl, Heidi, is 2 years old…..she has went into season in april and september for the last 2 years, and she is now bleeding again.....i am going to have her spayed as soon as it is over....i have never heard of a basenji going in that she ok.?(her vet has no experience with this breed , and often leaves the roon to look online for answers) 😕
i cant find a vet in my area that has any knowledge....

lots of basenjis have two heat cycles per year. If she is acting normally, and the spotting looks like it did with the other heat cycle, she is probably fine. You could contact her breeder as ask if it is common in her lines to have two cycles per year; it does seem to run in lines.

But you want to make sure there is nothing else going on, like Pymetra…. anything out of the normal, and this sound out of the normal, should be checked by your Vet. Pymetra is an emerency situation

Yes, Pat said, if you are concerned, this is a situation to take to a vet!

If she was in heat in Sept and is again, I agree… something sounds wrong.


If she was in heat in Sept and is again, I agree… something sounds wrong.

Oh, duh…I totally misread the original post. I missed that she had been in heat in September. Yes, definitely TO THE VET!

Please take her to the vets to get this checked - surely the vet must know 3 seasons are far from normal for any dog.

Please let us know how you get on.

How is your b doing?

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