• First Basenji's

    So I realize that I have dozens of pictures of Bowpi in motion, since her favorite game at the dog park is chase!

    with an Old English Sheepdog


    another lab mix

    cute cattle dog-beagle mix

    Italian greyhound!

    our skinny Sloughi friend (who's doing just fine =])

    making a silly face while playing with a bunch of little dogs

    serious face when being chansed by a mini Aussie

    Scottish Deerhound (don't look back!)

    chasing or being chased by nobody in particular

    And very occasionally, she does run with the Shiba too, though chase isn't really his game.

  • Pretty pictures!! Yeah Shiba's don't really play the chase game. They just like to boss.

  • OMG I love them all but the "don't look back" is hysterical!

  • All SUPER photos! I just love how you can see the joy in a basenji's face when they are running. ūüôā

  • love those photos. the deerhound pic is awesome‚Ķ it seriously looks like a computer-made evil beast!!

  • Wonderful photos! I was just talking about Scottish deerhounds, saying they are one of my fav big dogs, and here is a photo of one!

  • First Basenji's


    Yeah Shiba's don't really play the chase game. They just like to boss.

    Haha, exactly. Shortly after the Deerhound started chasing Bowpi, he almost stomped on her and caused her to scream in fright (she wasn't hurt). This caused Bowdu to come rushing up to the Deerhound, grumbling like a tough guy as if he was telling the Deerhound off! I don't think I'd call it jealousy, but he did seem like he was trying to "protect" her. He has rushed in and intercepted other dogs in the past when he hears her squeal, whether it's a dog twice his height or a pack of marauding Cairn terriers.

    The Deerhound is awesome. A very nice dog (definitely not as mean as he looks!), but not very aware of his own size even though he lives with two Italian greyhounds (one is pictured above, taken on a separate day). I asked his owner how much a dog like that eats in a day, and she said he's supposed to get 9 cups, and I just about fell over. Yeah, one of those 5-pound bags that takes us two weeks to go through is like a TRIAL size bag to a dog that size!

  • First Basenji's

    Great photo shots! faces are priceless!

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    OMG I love them all but the "don't look back" is hysterical!

    Don't look back made me LOL as well. Great pics.

  • Great pictures, what kind of camera do you use?

    Also, I have to ask which is the fastest dog in those pictures?
    Can any of them keep up with Bowpi ?

  • First Basenji's

    I have a hand-me-down Canon EOS 20D that I've been playing with now for the past 8 months or so. It's my first DSLR and I've been having fun with its ability to take action shots.

    The Sloughi and the Deerhound are able to overtake her pretty quickly. She's figured out zig-zagging, sharp turns, and hard stops. I think she's most comfortable with dogs that are a similar size.

    It's been really fun watching this side of her personality emerge. It took maybe half a year before she really started engaging other dogs in play. People ask if she's a puppy ‚Äď she's about seven, as far as we know. Never too late to learn how to dance.

  • During lure coursing, a Deerhound, went after my friend's Basenji. Luckily everything turned out okay but it could have been a disaster.


  • They do look like little deer.

  • Great pictures! You've gotta love the speed of a good DSLR. Nothing like action shots of your dog. (or horse!) Thanks for sharing. ūüôā

  • Bowpi looks as though she is really enjoying life. I always think it's good for Basenjis to have both larger and smaller friends.

  • We would go to the dog park quite often when we lived in town because a 'Tired Basenji is a Good Basenji' and Becca had quite the energy. Sometimes when we went these two border collies would show up and do about 4 laps of the dog park border before they would calm down to play fetch. Becca would see them come in the park and she would follow them around until they stopped. She was not that much far behind them. Everyone in the dog park would laugh and be like 'wow that dog is FAST!!' I would have to watch her because she would run so much she would blister her feet and not stop.

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