• First Basenji's

    The day started off as usual around 6:30 AM. Got the kids out for potty, started the coffee, and Uzie got his little toy plastic ball filled with some breakfast kibble. He was pawing at it and happily eating up the spilled goodies, as he made his way around the house and into the second bedroom as we hear him almost every morn as he goes about his duty. So wouldn't you know his persistence not only paid off, but got him in a bit of a jam. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. The moral of the story: how we have to laugh at any and all antics that don't get anyone hurt or maimed or scarred for life! We actually laughed really hard when we knew he was only shaken up for a few milli-seconds:

    :eek: Just really an angel in disguise!

  • That silly Uzie! Glad he was OK, even if your room wasn't!

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