Some Shameless Brags from Tanza

Franie (AB Tanza Life In The Fast Lane) Winners Bitch & Best Opp Sex for her first Major, 8/28/11 Sonoma Kennel Club

C-Me (Klassic-Tanza Color Me Tri) Winners Bitch 9/17/11 Sir Francis Drake, Winners Bitch & Best of Opp (over specials) 9/18/11 Sir Francis Drake. Also C-Me has her first major AKC Lure Coursing from her 2nd trial.

Trip (AB Day Trip to Tanza-Jamaa) Winners Dog, Best of Winners & Best of Breed from the classes for his 4th major and New Champion, 9/18/11 Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club for a clean sweep over all the specials entered for the Class dog/bitch

Congrats Pat!

Huge congrats, what a nice weekend.

That's very nice. Now we need pics!

I will post new win pictures on my website when received. Because the Forums claims ownship of pictures posted, I will only put links to my website.

WTG Pat! Not shameless brags, it is PROUD brags! 🙂


Hey, I would brag too! Nothing like being proud of those basenjis - well done!

Well done… Congrats, and its a perfectly ligitimate shameless brag !!!

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