Strange Digging
First Basenji's

I have heard of dogs digging in the yard or digging on their beds but has anyone had their B try to dig through their body? It just started this past week. I have been laying on the couch on my side and my boy will come up and try to dig to china through my bum. Very strange. He doesn't do this to my husband. I'm the special one.
Then again, he doesn't use my head as his personal salt lick. I guess that is my husband's treat for shaving his head. 🙂

No, quite common. I always refer to this 'digging' as my personal massage!

First Basenji's

sounds like your boy just wanted to nap on (or near) your bum! You should be honored 🙂

Our male does this to us if we are not quite comfy enough for him to lie on 😉

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