• Kratos looks just like our Cairo! Such good looking B's, huh?

  • Welcome! Cairo and Harley are darling!

  • Houston

    your girl probably got a double dose of brains of the litter cuz our boy survives on his cuteness alone, and he's super clumsy. But he's super sweet and cuddly so it evens out

  • Houston

    Where in Texas are you guys?

  • Keller. (in Ft. Worth area)

  • We take our basenjis coursing in Keller and Denton several times in the fall.

  • We'd love to do that with our 2 basenjis! Are you part of an organized coursing group? If so, would you mind sending me more information? (where, when) Thanks!

  • Hi and welcome from another forum newbie. I love your two cuties. It's always fun to have two together…...they are such good company for each other. It makes it so much easier if you have to leave them for any length of time.

  • Join the region4lc group on yahoo, then you will be able to see all the anouncements and premium lists for events. Oct-Dec is the busy season, as thats the coolest time of the year. Most events are AKC as they can't seem to get enough ASFA entries to break even on a trial. There is an event at the end of Sept in Wylie, but there will not be any basenjis there as we will all be at the nationals in WI. We will be at an event over Columbus day in McKinney and then over Veterans day at Denton. Thanksgiving at Hutto. The alamo whippet club web site has a really good calendar of events that lists everything in TX. there is straight and oval track racing in McKinney too.


    Clubs normally have practices after the Saturday trials at around 2 pm.

  • Thanks, Lisa. I did join the region4lc group and have access to the event info. However, I'm not sure where to start. Do we just begin with the club practices or should we first do training on our own? We're interested in coursing and agility. Any recommendations?? Your help is appreciated!

  • Most clubs only have practices at their trials. You can get a lunge whip at a feed store and attach a plastic bag to get them interested in chasing the bunny. I'm sure there are agility training centers in your area. But you would first need to have the basic. Sit, stay and down trained

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