Neighbors crazy dog dug into our yard and got bit

  • Hello Everyone! It's been quite a while - been a lot going on. We moved back from California to the East Coast and finally are settling in Providence, Rhode Island.

    So we put up a stockade fence in our backyard. The neighbors have boston terriers. One of the Boston Terriers (BT) is a real nasty bitch and is always viciously barking at their gate (they have a fenced in yard also, not a stockade - more of a spaced picket) at people and dogs. Before we fenced in our yard, it used to drive T and L nuts for a few minutes, but then they'd just ignore her. Well this weekend we were all hanging out in the backyard sunning ourselves when the BTs come out and start barking at the gate. T and L begin running back and forth along the fence, not jumping on the fence, not digging… just running back and forth. I thought that was fine. (looking back maybe I should have stopped that)

    Well, next thing I know, the neighbor girl starts screaming expletives and then the BTs head shows up under the fence in our backyard! She's growling and foaming at the mouth and Lenny runs over and starts biting her. I run over and grab lenny but he won't let go, so I pinch the corners of his jaw to get his mouth to open (a trick I learned to get Tayda to open her mouth so I can pill her) so he releases her and the BT is still acting vicious and trying to get back into the yard. Neighbor girl grabs her and runs inside.

    We've lived in this house for just over a month now. Grrrrrrrrreat....

    So I walk over to the neighbors house and ask if she is okay. The neighbor girl is really angry and says how hurt the BT is and how she has to go to the vet and get stitches and she's bleeding everywhere.

    The BT ended up with 4 staples under her chin. Lenny was bleeding also under his chin, but it was really minor.

    The parents of the girl (who are much more rational and level headed than the girl) keep telling her that it's the BT's fault cause she is the one that dug into OUR yard. I'm thinking "AMEN PEOPLE!"

    So the next day they tell me that they took her to the emergency vet and the vet's policy is that when a dog gets bit by another dog they HAVE to report it to animal control. When I asked what that meant he wasn't really sure, but he said that they shoudl be quarantined (in our home) for 10 days.

    I remember a story here on BF a while back where a B was taken by animal control when it bit a child - even though the B was tied up in it's own yard.... makes me a little worried of what might happen here.

    Wish that girl would get control of her nasty dog.

    Is there anything that I can do????? or should have done differently???


    how have you all been!!?!?!?!?? 🙂

  • Houston

    Oh my doG…what a trippy experience...I have no clue as to what you should expect..sadly..I don't think you should have anything to worry about, I mean it was in your yard and the dog was an intruder..although I don't know if the "law" looks at it that way.
    Hoping it all works out and that Lenny will be Ok swiftly.

    Glad to have you back..;)

  • Welcome back to the East Coast! :D:D Not a very nice welcome from the neighbors. I don't have any great advice for you on that front. Good job on getting Lenny unattached from the BT. :D:eek:

    Because you are an engineer, I'm sure you've already thought about extending the fence into the ground. 😃 I have friends that have chicken wire that extends into the ground (from a stockade fence) about 6 inches. I have used pavers to line my fence (chain link) with so that if the dogs dig, they can't get out.

    Maybe call your town anonymously (or call your vet) and see what happens in the case of a dog being bitten when it comes into your hard…

    Oh and thankfully you were home when it happened. I'm pretty sure if a similar thing happened at my house that the BT would ended up the same - or worse...

  • Thanks! Yeah, I hope nothing major comes of it but I guess you never know! The neighbors (parents) are adamant that it was the fault of their own dog for digging into our backyard. I agree, but still I wish Lenny wouldn't have attacked her like that.

  • Hey Renaultf1! Thanks! good to be back! Yeah, I've already put a board up along the bottom. It's a wooden fence so there has to be at least a little clearance to prevent rotting, but I will have to think of something to take up that space. There's only about 1" of space but apparently that's enough for a BT to dig through.

    Oh yeah, the B's will not be out alone when we aren't home. There are just too many things that could go wrong. I'm pretty sure that BT would be dead right now if I wasn't there to intervene.

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    Thanks! Yeah, I hope nothing major comes of it but I guess you never know! The neighbors (parents) are adamant that it was the fault of their own dog for digging into our backyard. I agree, but still I wish Lenny wouldn't have attacked her like that.

    Introduce your neighbors to an electric fence run on the bottom of their fence to keep the little monster from digging under. Not sure if you can get away with putting it on the outside of your fence? (neighbors side)

  • I lined the bottom of my fence with concrete blocks when we were in TX to keep other dogs out.

  • Oh, that is just a mess for everyone involved. Sigh. Do let us know what comes out of this please.

  • Welcome back to new England! Sorry to gear about Lenny, I think since your neighbors are somewhat in agreeance that it was their dogs fault that animal control will stay out if it but I'm sure will have a report on file. If you ever want to meet up with the b's I live not far away in north Attleboro.

  • Call animal control and report the dog getting into your yard so they document THEIR dog is the aggressor.

    As long as your dog is up to date on rabies, you are fine except the at home quarantine in most states. That said, if not up to date, things will go terribly bad because the quarantine for unvaccinated can be at a vet office for up to a year some places, or immediate destruction to determine if it has rabies when it has bitten a person or unvaccinated pet.

    I like both the electric and block idea. I have pea gravel along my fence line to prevent digging. I wanted to put railroad ties as I like the look but they were really expensive new and the used ones had possibly toxic oils on them. But my fence is buried about 5 inches so with that and the pea gravel I am good. You need the blocks or something that the dog can't get under.

    I would file a police report against the dog unless you are able to talk to the owners and ask them to please restrain their dog, put it inside or do something to stop it harassing your dogs.
    Fifth… yeah, stop your dogs from fence fighting.


  • The neighbors (parents) have said over and over again that it was their own dogs fault. The daughter is a little bit nuts and I think is just beside herself with upset that her dog got injured. But the parents are the voice of reason and have apologized many times. THey actually have a gate but I guess it was unlatched an the BT was able to get through it.

    Both of my B's are current on their vaccinations… so no worries there.

    I'll look into putting some bricks along the side of the fence...

    Oh joy! 🙂 Thanks everyone for your support!

  • I hope nothing comes of it since it was their dog that was coming into YOUR yard and the parents are acknowledging that. Hopefully they'll talk some sense into their daughter too and she'll be extra careful about letting her little monsters dig.
    Putting bricks down should keep them out. Good luck!

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