• Hello everyone!
    It's been quite sometime since I've posted on the forum. With school, work, wedding plans and 2 B's taking up most of my time I have hardly had time to say much on the forum.
    Anyhoo…I needed some advice. My 2 year old tri bitch named Kiya has recently started going through some changes. She has become quite more aggressive towards our male Chance. Chance is neutered and Kiya isn't...well that's not quite possible since she is a female :p but anyways...she has become more playful but in a chewing, nipping, chasing kind of way. To the point that one of them usually ends up scratched and bleeding. I know its playing and not full on attack mode but she just will not stop! She went into season early (this past August) and hasn't had another heat. Is this a sign of her about to go into season again? She stands on top of Chance which looks like she is trying to dominate him. She will chew on him and then immediately stand next to him pawing at him. It's a little odd to look at since my male Chance has no clue what she is doing. :rolleyes:
    My issue is that the aggressiveness is getting a little too crazy in the house. Its all the time and she just won't leave him or even the cat alone now. She will run around the whole house doing a B-500 knocking down everything in site and launch at either Chance or my cat Maddox. They tolerate it for a few minutes and play with her but then get tired. She of course doesn't and then we have to separate them. Will this stop? I am tired of breaking up fights and nursing wounds. Its not an issue with exercise. My fiance runs with them 2 times a day to exhaust them. She on the other hand always has this energy to harass everything around her. LOL

  • Long time no hear Vanessa :D:D:D, definitely sounds like a busy time for you.

    With my three, the one thing I do if it starts getting too rough is redirect them into some sort of training. Even if it is only sitting for cheese, at least it breaks their attention off their rough housing (and gets Ruby off Brando or Liyah off Ruby or Liyah off Brando). Amazingly, once their short training is over, they aren't immediately back at each other, they take a break.

    That's my only suggestion.

    I do know what you are going thru, mine is with my 9mo pup, Liyah and my 4yo Brando. With Liyah & Brando, if Brando walks away or growls because he's had enough, Liyah still continues to try to annoy him. Because he broke his leg recently and the vet wanted him quiet for 10wks (we're at 9wks on Saturday), I've been redirecting her attention off him so that he doesn't go after her (and smack her down - which just means she'd be in his face more) as he's still a little defensive since he still hurts a bit. It seems to work well.

  • Dogs are built for physical activity. We will drop from exhaustion long before they do. Dogs are not built for mental activity and become tired much more quickly when they must engage their brain.

    Redirection with a short training session is great because it interupts the behavior you want them to stop and works their brains which will wear them out some.

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