My dog is mounting my son!

I have a 13 month old son, and for a couple weeks now my B has been trying to mount him! He is not neutered (I know this is part of the problem, but I am hoping to breed him) And I think there may be a female in the neighborhood in heat because he has been licking himself a lot and going crazy over my son. He starts off my licking him all over, and then just mounts him and goes to town. My son thinks this is just hysterical and giggles because he thinks he is playing with him, but I am not amused. Yesterday he even knocked him down and scratched him trying to mount him. Normally he is really great with my son and I have never had a problem with him. I don't really know how to deal with this issue, since I have never had this happen before. When I see it happening I pull him off and repremand him, then put him outside. Anyone else had this problem or have suggestions on what to do? Also, he licks himself a lot, and sometimes I think it hurts him, because he yelps and gets up and runs off. Any clue as to what that might be about?

Is your basenji a show dog?

Perhaps you should separate your son from your pup – maybe put the pup in an x-pen for awhile when he shows that behavior.

The reasons you list in your post are probably why your dog is doing this, except it's pretty normal in a non-neutered dog. He could hurt your son, and you probably need to try to keep them apart while this is going on -

Uh…you guys, this post is from almost two years ago 🙂 It got spammed today which brought it up again....

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