Looking for a Basenji in Ontario or Quebec

  • Hi there,
    I am in search of a basenji puppy and have been for about a year now. I am looking for a reputable breeder in Ontario, although we are right near Quebec, so southern Quebec would be ok too.

    I live on a 50 acre farm, that has 15 acres completely fenced in around the house, so there is NO access to the road. I own 4 other dogs - 2 jack russells, and elderly rough collie, and a chihuahua. Because of the number of animals, I am looking for a PUPPY only. I will not consider an older dog, because they don't settle in to our busy household as well as one who grew up with it.
    Also, because of my small 5lb chihuahua, the puppy needs to know her from a young age so they won't mistake her for a chewtoy 😉

    Please don't tell me that a Basenji will always think of her as a chewtoy, or that I can't have larger dogs with a chihuahua etc. because my chihuahua gets along fabulously with my other dogs, one of whom we got as a puppy after we had the chihuahua. Because of this, those two are best friends and the jack is so gentle with her because she grew up with the chihuahua, and knew to respect her as a dog, not a toy.

    Anyways, I am a very active person, with an active lifestyle and 4 other active dogs. The pup would be well socialized and would receive the best care. I am trained in pet nutrition, and work at Global Ryan's pet food store, selling some of the best holistic foods around. Someone is here 24 hours of the day. We don't believe in having pets and keeping them alone. I work at my home, so they are outside enjoying the sun with me most of the day when the weather is nice.
    The puppy would NOT be an outdoor dog, it would be our pet. I have no intention of showing it, or keeping it intact.
    Please let me know if you know of anyone.

  • I sent you a private message 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum . I hope we can help you.

  • I placed a 2yo B with a 6yo Chihuahua 9 years ago… they LOVED LOVED LOVED each other!!

    You shouldn't have any problems.. good luck getting a new pup!

  • Thanks for the welcome!

    I cannot take an older pup (anything more than about 4m or so), as I have said, because of my busy household. I really need the puppy to settle in well. :o) I know that Basenjis normally breed late fall, so I guess I am looking more for a breeder who is planning a litter this year, so I can adopt a basenji next spring.
    If you or if you know of anyone planning a litter, please let me know! I will only consider responsible breeders (But I know that's already a given 😉

  • Check the Basenji Club of Canada and Basenji Club of America websites.
    Many breeders will have listed their fall breedings [this is my assumption, as mine have been there for months] on their own websites.

    Do you also have children or just the dogs? 4 dogs does not sound chaotic at all to me… but I have two middle-school kids and their plethora of friends over here daily... plus my not-small-enough gaggle of dogs. Chaos is a given living [or visiting] in my house!

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