Someone give me suggestions, please

  • Zaharah is almost 6 mos old, and I just cant get her to walk properly on leash. I have tried a martingale lead, a regular nylon choke, and a resco style lead.. NOPE she wont walk with out her nose to the floor. I tried a squeaky, food, and just fun, but in a handling class, forget it! In the park, or on a flexi, she is fine. HELP!!! How can I keep from getting frustrated, and keep this fun, so shw wont get sour on me?? Is there someone here in Conn who can work with me?? I want to begin showing her, and she is great on the table, but on the floor, a disaster…Jan

  • Is she just sniffing or is she looking for dropped treats? Sniffing can be a stress response in dogs. If she isn't responding to food or toys that is another sign that she may be stressed. Outside of conformation class, have you been working on attention? I worked with Rio on attention during her puppy classes and it really helped when we started conformation because she felt very comfortable looking up at me. So even when she is stressed she will give me attention and keep her head up. My big challenge is that she roaches her back when stressed and totally ruins her topline.

  • Thanks I think she is just sniffing at things on the floor since this is really her first several experiences outside the home, she is curious, not being stubborn. I am getting frustrated with this, as I have been showing dobies since the 70's and they beghave like robots and are so animated I realize whe is a baby, but will try to focus on the attentio9n thing starting tonite.. I thank you for the reply. Janice

  • what type of food have you been using to motivate your dog?
    I suggest that you warm up some chopped up sausages and hold them in your lead hand. (Warm sausages smell so much better than normal sausages to your dog)

  • She is on Iams puppy food, with a spoonful of canned mixed in, and I have her dieting, but she seems to still be chubby Her butt sticks out, I realize she is African, but the butt thing?? I have a sneaky suspicion, she is coming into heat.. Hey, she is only 5 1/2 mos old and thought they only come into season once a year, in the fall.. She looks very puffy the last 2 days..I am closely watching her maybe that is the attention thing all along

  • Jazz comes into heat in the Spring and Fall.

    At least that's been the pattern the first two years. . .

    The good news is, it's not too bad. They really do keep themselves very clean.

  • Are you using treats, or bait to keep her attention in the ring? You may need to…my dogs will only work for liver at a show, usually.

    And yes, she could be coming into heat. Ivy came into heat just before she turned six months. Most of my girls are twice a year kinda girls. Are you seeing a swelling in between her anus and vagina? That is where I notice the first signs of impending estrous.

  • My baby had her first heat at 5 and half months, before I had her scheduled for her spading. It wasn't that bad, but I couldn't take her out for our walks, so I was glad when her appt. at the vets came around a week later. Sahara had a problem with the diapers, she kept trying to pull them off. Good luck!!!!

  • I have bred dobies for over 25 yrs and never had one come in season so quickly. I really cant see any swelling in her vulva, but her butt stick out just like a woman with a big booty.. it looks funny, but I guess she is in season.. she is so clean about this, I didnt think it woulod come so soon.. Oh, I am in for some havoc in my house..Trueman is not neutered, and he is bad with girls in heat..time to put him in the kennel poor guy..

  • Well…if her butt is swollen (still not sure if you are talking about her anus, or something else) but her vulva is NOT swollen, she most likely isn't in heat. I would imagine her genital area should look JUST like a dobes 'cept for smaller and different color.

    You might want to talk to your breeder, maybe she could give you a better idea if she is coming in. And, in general the smaller the dog, the more quickly they it would make sense that dobes wouldn't come into their first heat anywhere near as young as Bs. Most Basenjis have their first heat between 6 and 10 mos. old.

  • If you haven't already, try placing the collar way up high on the neck so that it is just behind the ears on top. Use a thin show choke and make sure it is snug fitting without too much slack as you want it to be better able to stay in the correct position. You may need to try different positions to find just the right placement of the choke. Some work better with the lower of the "P" coming out the top of the head and others work better with that part under the chim. Use treats as previously suggest to keep her attention but don't be afraid to give the chain a little pop to get her attention. You will have to practice keeping the collar up high but keeping a wee bit of slack in it. Let us know how she does.

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