Indoor Playpen? XXL Dog Crate??? Please Help

  • Trying to determine the best playpen, or bigger crate to keep Jaxx in while away at work, the metal ones get great reviews and are cheap, but Ive see the negative reviews and horror stories and I dont want to subject him to those possibilities.

    Plastic ones will be more ideal, but the hard part is finding one taller than 3 Feet and one that Jaxx one be able to escape from.

    Desperately trying to find him something with more room.

    Thanks sooo much.

  • Do not skimp on price.... as for wire (which is what I use) I get the best one I can find, especially when it comes to wire gage and wire spacing

  • We got the samoyed this one, make it 4 sided, 2 panels overlapped for the top, and bought a crate pan. So it is 48 x 24 and 42 high. It is strong, very secure, and big.

    You can also buy it with a top separate, but doing it the way I did, I didn't need it.

    Can be deployed in any shape, such as 4ft x 4ft square, or 4ft 5in x 4ft 5in octagon<<

  • My current idea which I might try to execute today is to get two of these toppaw playpens and find away to secure them on top of each other and if needed also add a cover problem is they are 26 inches high so 2 would make it around 4ft 3 inches... Ive read too many death and injury stories with the metal ones...

    alt text

  • @JaxxnBeer - climbing up 4ft is child's play for a Basenji..... and if plastic, be prepared for easy chew through (in my opinion and experience)

  • I have used wire for about 40 years. A good quality wire is safe. Obviously if you have a strong dog who is determined to break out, you may need to go to the uber expensive crates that are almost solid metal. Few dogs need those. As Pat said, no top means no dog. They laugh at 6 feet, much less 40 inches. They can jump or climb easily. Plastic ones are more easily chewed unless the solid ones... which block view and air.

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