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Thank you for your help. We gave in a took the crate upstairs to the bedroom and she slept all night not a peep! 😁😁 and then I have left her today for a little while and no mess and settled asleep on my return 🙂

Off to pick up a new crate now so we can have one upstairs and one downs 😄😄

Again thank you for your help 🐕👑

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So you think it would be OK to have her in her crate up in the bedroom with us? I would be happy to do this I just thought it would make it harder for her during the day?? The last couple of times we have left her in the day there has been no mess and she is settled on our return. Always leave her with safe toys and chews to keep her busy and the radio on a talk channel for some company 🙂 I have another week off work this week so will leave her a little at a time and see how she gets on. I may go hide in the bedroom so I can hear how long it is until late she settles. Thank you for your suggestions 🐶

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Hey guys 🙂 so our new puppy Bella joined us November 5th so a week ago. She is 5months old. We adore her, she is brilliant..toilet training is brilliant only two accidents on the first day and nothing in the house since, she now also goes to the door when she wants to go out. 😀😀😀

She is walking on her lead lovely, she has a lovely temperament, calm when meeting other dogs and brilliant with my son. 😀😀😀

Her progress is amazing after 6days and I fell terrible complaining but I need advice.

When we leave her. (Built up over the few days to an hour and half) and at night time. She screams and gets so distressed she poos in her crate. She has somehow manage to break one bar on the crate and when I came down the other night she had cut her nose slightly. I try to ignore her the first few nights but she gets to distressed so I sleep on the sofa next to her. Which is not ideal. I would move the crate to the bedroom but then I'm concerned she is not learning to be alone in her crate for when we are out in the day.

Hope that makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🐕💖

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I've got lots more photos but they are all say they are too large! 😣

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![0_1509911597967_20171105_133034.jpg](Uploading 100%)

Hi everyone. I would like to introduce Bella. Our new addition arrived today. She seems to be settling in nicely. 💖

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