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They never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation.

~Jerome K. Jerome

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what type of food have you been using to motivate your dog?
I suggest that you warm up some chopped up sausages and hold them in your lead hand. (Warm sausages smell so much better than normal sausages to your dog)

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Yeh, feeding a BARD diet is all about getting the balance right but not at every meal. Thats one of the things that lets the comercial stuff down; they make every meal balanced. But so long as it is balanced over the weeks, you've got no problem.

I think it is worth the extra time preparing the raw diet just to have a healthy dog.

With a BARF diet you know what he's eating!

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Yeh, they can be neutered and allowed to course in the UK too. We also have the same rule about no btiches in season (which is perfectly sensible)

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Can anyone tell me how they groom their B in general?
I'm really not sure about this and can't find info on it. Do you need to groom them at all? I've heard that their pretty much like cats and so groom themselves but surly you must need to atleast brush them over…

Please help...

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What about the thousands of parasites living in raw meat? What about bones lodging in the intestines or slivers of the bones?

Yeh, I've heard loads about this 'theory' of choking on bones and such. In brief, these owners must not be feeding a proper BARF diet (with …RF standing for RAW FOOD)

Dogs love bones because they are designed to eat them. Basically wild dogs would eat small animals whole, like rodents and birds. They would also work as a team to bring down some larger game on occasion, like deer.

Look inside your dogs mouth, way back at the molars. Now, I’m assuming that your pooch is friendly not some Tasmanian devil. Anyhow, if you look close, you will see that his molars are pointed, not flat like ours. A dog’s molars are designed to crush bone and cut through cartilage. So how can bones be bad?

Dogs only start having trouble eating bones when they are cooked. The reason is that cooking changes the consistency of the bone, meat and cartilage. Cooked bones tend to splinter and cause choking problems. The cooked meat and cartilage is tender and can be eaten with little effort. The raw meat and bones take some serious effort to crunch and chew up. This works out your dogs jaws, helps clean his teeth and reduces the risk of choking.

As for raw veggies, wild dogs would get theirs from the stomach contents of the animals they consumed. I also think they got them from the droppings of herbivores. I have heard many accounts of owners dogs relishing horse manure, and they eat it with gusto! Of course, in addition, they will scavenge around and eat carrion (dead animals). I know it’s gross but we’ve all seen this before (maybe we just didn’t recognize it). Depending on where you live, your dog’s favorite pastime may be tearing up a "yummy" bag of garbage; technically speaking, scavenging.

Also, about germs (salmonella) please take a look at this link:
to see that salmonella is present in processed food too.
(yeh, it scared me when I saw that!:eek: )

Well, I hope that helps with your questions. But I do agree with your saying that some diets can be good. I have found a lot of sites that talk of absolute rubbish when it comes to BARF. Which shows you that you can't rely on the internet…


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Does anyone feed their Basenji BARF? By feeding RMBs (Raw meaty bones) everyday, you can ensure that your dogs teeth and gums are clean and healthy. How? By chewing the bones or say a chicken wing, it not only slows down the digestion enabling your dog to know when he's full but it also natural cleans the teeth with the chewing involved.

(Please note that I am not a qualified vetinarian or the like. These are personal opinions)

Therefore, when feeding your dogs on a BARF diet, I believe that it is not nessasary to brush your dogs teeth unless recommended by your vetinarian. I know of lots of dogs who are hapilly living their lives on a BARF diet with a healthy coat, teeth and gums.

What do you think about this? Please post

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Hi! I'm Emma (or oneWish) and I'm obsessed with dogs! For quite some time, I've been researching dog breeds; looking for one that would best suit my lifestyle. Then I found the Basenji! Well, what a great dog to have around!

Hopefully, I'm going to rescue a Basenji in due course (preferably this year). But for now, I'm just making sure that I now everything about the breed before taking the leap!

😃 Emma

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