Congo saves me from a Mountain Lion

  • I went hiking up in the mountains with Congo the other day. We weren't going too far in the mountains so I didn't bring my gun with me. Congo and I were following a game trail and all the sudden he made this weird hissing noise and got his hackles up. I looked around and didn't see or hear anything so I started to keep walking down this trail thinking it must have been a lizard or something.
    Congo stepped in front of me and wouldn't let me walk any farther. He then proceeded to make this very scary growly baroo. I took my binoculars out of my pack and started to glass around me and standing on a rock about 450 yards away there was a mountain lion watching us. I just about peed my pants and I looked at Congo and I said, "Good call. Let's get out of here!". We practically ran down to the truck. I am so proud of my little tracker! I would have just walked right up to that lion if Congo didn't warn me.

  • First Basenji's

    Oh my goodness. How dramatic! I'm glad neither of you were hurt!

  • Wow, a big steak for Congo, I'll bet. What a good tracker boy.

  • Wow! Scary stuff.

    Lots of pats and treats for Congo!

  • Great job, Congo! 😃 Basenji's are so smart and loyal!

    Glad things turned out okay for both of you! 😃

  • Nice…what a little hero 🙂

  • Houston

    wow, are lucky. Go Congo!!

  • For all the frustrating moments Basenjis create, this is a great example of how great they can truly be. 🙂

  • Thanks! Congo got an extra special treat that night! I agree that there are moments of frustration but I could not have asked for a better and more loyal companion than Congo.

  • Great job Congo. Rule is: NEVER RUN FROM A MOUNTAIN LION! Move away slowly. Any African will tell you. We have Mountain Lions and Coyotes here. The lions sometimes even come into our neighborhoods.

  • First Basenji's

    Oh MY! that gave me the shivers! How cool for Congo to let you know! Go BASENJIS!!!!
    Let that remain in our minds, never to disregard our African breed's innate ability and instincts.

  • Wow! What a great dog to be so alert! We get coyotes here, no lions (but bobcats have very occasionally been sighted in Ontario). Also bears. I worry about the coyotes. They have been known to lure dogs away from safety, then ambush them. It happened to someone's Jack Russell not far from my place. The game little dog couldn't handle three coyotes at once. My horses will usually tell me if anything unusual is around. (they will chase coyotes!)

  • I am so glad you are all fine!!! I ALWAYs pay attention when the boys "warn" me.. usually it is a squirrel … or a rabbit... or another dog... BUT you never know. They know stuff. Good to pay attention.

  • I have alway been amazed at both the sight and sence of smell these dogs have. I watched to of the first ones we had almost fall over backwards watching a plane come in for a landing nearby. My almost totally blind one killed a golfer just by tracking it down by the smell. We also had reports last year of a Mountain lion that had moved from Minn down to the Madison, WI area. Two weeks ago, the same lion was killed on a road out in Conn, all confirmed by DNA testing, said it origianlly came from the Black Hills. Now that is some trip!

  • LMAO!!! Sorry but I gotta point out the "Killed a Golfer!!" All I can picture is a Basenji stalking a golfer on a golf course…... As the patient basenji quietly stalks his prey, the innocent golfer tee's up his ball and is unaware of the present danger in which he is in....
    picture, golf course, golfer with old style hat and plaid socks up to his knees!!! HAHAHAHA...sorry too funny....

  • I am use to Mountain lions around here but usually they keep there distance and most people don't get to see them. I was very surprised because we were not that far from civilization and this one seemed very bold. I was very proud of my dog because usually he wants to chase everything. That is why I get off the beaten path a bit so he can run around on not be on a leash. Congo is my smart pooch!

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