Pokey's test results are back

I just checked the offa.org site for Pokey's results, and it came back as probable carrier. I am so relieved because both his parents were probable carriers. He is still young yet, so strip testing is a year away at least in our future.

Wonderful news! 🙂 And good on you for strip testing in the future!

Yes, good for you for knowing to strip test even tho you have had the cheek swab done!

great news

great news!! my B had the same reslut back a few weeks ago!!

First Basenji's

You must have really been on pins and needles waiting for the results. I'm glad the news offers some room to breathe for now!

and I love the picture of your babies. I love the independent nature of a shiba inu too as much as I do a Basenji.

I think there will always be a concern about fanconi, but this was a good day.

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