Excited for the new arrivals!

  • Well, I won't be there for the home welcoming, but I wanted to share my enthusiasim somewhere. Mom and Dad have 1 rehomed dog arrived and 1 more on the way!

    We lost our first B, Cinnamon, last year and since have been waiting for the right dogs to fit our family's home. The dogs had big shoes to fill. Mom and I were keen for 2 Bs but Dad wanted the second to be a doggie dog.. of course not really. He really wanted a Basenji (no odor, no excessive shedding, smart etc) but that was slightly larger and loved fetching, and acted like a dog dog. Solving this one was difficult but we are very pleased to say that as of yesterday Mom and Dad just received their new "redhead" Pearl - a Hungarian Vizsla from a rescue coordinator. She did brilliantly in the car, making the journey from Nevada to San Francisco with ease. She is still in that settling stage, not quite knowing what is going on, but my goodness is she cute.

    AND FOR THE B (:D:D:D:D:D) The lovely Therese Leimback, is graciously trekking down from Oregon with Tucker in a few weeks time. Tucker is a positively stunning boy, who has been uncleing Therese's pups. Our family is in agreement that the family house doesn't feel right without a Basenji in it so we are very very honored to be getting the opportunity to provide a new home for this gentleman. Expect a picture overload in a few weeks.

    All the new doggie excitement is enough to make me want to fly home ! Also enough to start pester the BF to put my deposit down for winter 2012 😉 Lycia is dying for a brother and so am I…

    Sorry for the rant, but I was so happy to see things finally be sewn together and my parent's house be whole again!! 🙂

  • wow! that's a lot of good news. And I don't mean to rain on your parade, but I feel I must warn you about getting a dog named Pearl. A few years ago we adopted a rescue malinois named "Pearl". I did not know that "pearl" was short for pearl-petual motion.

    good luck to your parents - hopefully maybe they will post pics here.

  • Lol. Well she is a Vizsla.. so I think we are expecting perpetual motion, as well as velcro. my goodness, she literally looked stuck to my moms lap last night

  • I'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures! There can never be too many pics! And yes, Therese is a gem. 🙂

  • What great news Lauren.
    Vizslas are lovely, i look foward to seeing pics of Pearl and Tucker when he arrives.

  • Houston

    Lauren..I am over here in TX doing a happy dance for your parents..I am so happy to hear that it is all coming together for them…do you think we'll see some pictures one day..I would love to see Pearl..she sounds stunning..Tucker too of course :);)

  • Congratulations to your parents, I predict some wild times at their home!

  • I'm hoping for wild times! 😃 Pearl is a total sweetie, my parents had a mom's day party and she was a big hit. Poor doll is still feeling a little lost but I think security will come eventually. I will certainly lean on them for pictures, Mom is normally willing but has no idea about computers 😉 so I'll try to teach her when she visits me. I'm excited for some Basenji play dates with Dan and Curlytails !! Someone will be bound to take some photos.

  • Lauren,
    We are also thrilled about Pearl, Kevin and I think Tucker will be even happier having a pretty red head to play with. I told your dad yesterday we laugh everyday with Tucker and I just know they will enjoy him. Tucker officially goes to them 5/28/11 so I will take my camera for the meeting and post photos. Fingers crossed its love at first site, I suspect it will be. By the way Kevin has nicknamed him Tick Tack Tuck, it makes his tail wag.
    We have really enjoyed fostering him for his breeder and former owners, he is the son of my boy Ace and has very much his dad's personality. Hope we get to meet you as well in the near future.
    Therese and Kevin

  • Thanks so much for your kind words Therese. We are so looking forward to the coming weeks, and I am certainly looking forward to finally meeting Tucker myself. I do indeed suspect that we shall meet one day in the future. I would be quite honored myself to perhaps one day have a little FoPaw of mine own…. or I I could always steal tuck from my parents. 😃

  • Does this mean you are going to be in California at the end of the month, Therese?

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