Anti-terrorism dog

From my sister's chow blog.
NOTE: No ill will intended towards the Navy Seals, who did a brilliant job. This is in no way meant to upset anyone.

Hey Navy Seals… I'm ready for your next mission!

It's in the newspapers and on TV - a Belgian Shepherd (?) was instrumental in nabbing that Bin Laden.

Well, I've been in training, am outfitted now and ready to help you seek out other terrorists.

Note my high-tech equipment:
Flak Jacket - Kevlar and waterproof
Communication Bee Bops - to receive covert instructions
Night Vision Doggles - don't need daylight to do my work
Navy Seal Watch - to synchronize with the rest of the Team

And think about it - when the bad guys see a Belgian or German Shepherd in a getup like this, they know you guys aren't far behind. But if they'd see me - they'd think it's just some lady playing dress-up with her Chow Chow. Now, that's covert operations!

That's funny!!!

That's adorable! A little lightness is always helpful.

Very funny! The doggie looks so strange!

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