• I ran into my neighbor's dog being walked by a pet sitter today. Decided to ask about the services they offer, and mentioned the fact that I was looking for a sitter for when I'm out of town.

    Turns out, he has a Basenji, R/W male. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    I was so relieved to have found someone who does this for a living, and also has a Basenji at home. I think I may setup a time to see how well his B gets along with mine. If they do OK around each other, this will really be convenient for future trips. I'd be 100% worry-free leaving my B with a fellow B owner, especially someone setup for watching other people's dogs. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Here's the link to the company:


  • Great news for you, hope that it works out!

  • I try to leave my b's in our house with a pet sitter, if we can't take them with us. I know they are more comfortable.

  • That's great! I use a pet sitter now and avoid using the kennel if possible. I think the dogs are much happier that way. One of my dogs used to get GI upset due to stress at the kennel and that doesn't happen at home when we leave for even a week. I hope it works out for you.

  • We had a wonderful pet sitter for our 5 basenjis when we lived in TX, wish we could have taken him with us when we moved.

  • If ever I need to - for Kipawa, we will go with a pet sitter. Keeping an animal in their own environment makes ME feel more comfortable. In the past, when we have travelled and have had to leave our kittie cats, a vet tech we know has helped us out. It's worked out great. She has also house sat for my sis and her female blue chow.

    That said, prior to us getting Kipawa, we seriously considered how much travel we would be doing and where we would travel to. We agreed that we were making a commitment to Kipawa, and that travelling to our usual spot in Oahu would be something we would put on hold. There are so many beautiful places to enjoy with car vacations. And strangely enough, since we have gotten Kipawa, we don't have the same urge to travel. He has really filled our lives.

  • See, I really wanted to find a place I could drop off Kananga. Only because I'd like him to be well socialized while I'm away. Problem is I really don't trust most places out there. Whenever I leave him at my sister's (with her two dogs), he has done very well. I know him well, so I know leaving him with a large group of dogs will stress him out (oh how I spoil him, I cater to his needs ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but if it's just a few dogs I know he will do well (especially with another Basenji to spend time plotting their mischievous plans against the humans ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ).

    He does very well at home during the day when I'm away but if I were to leave town, I'd feel bad leaving him home by himself most of the day. I'm also doing some remodeling this summer, so I will have to place him somewhere away from home for a week.

    This guy can either have someone stay with Kananga at my home or I can leave him at the sitter's home (where he'll get to stay with another Basenji in a Basenji-proofed home). It's really nice to have the option. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh, I agree about leaving b's and traveling. I find my vacation is much better if I have my dogs with me.
    I really do find they bring me so much joy and peace, they are worth the extra work, taking them causes.

  • We bought a small RV and take our 6 dogs with us everywhere, our time share I now give to friends to use.

  • I have always wondered why time shares aren't pet friendlyโ€ฆmost of us folks have pets and we think of them as family.
    Speaking of family, when my younger grandchildren come to visit, they do a lot MORE damage than any pet I have ever owned.
    Wonder why they still accept kids...kidding

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