Pictures of last weekend!

It?s been a while, we are SO busy but here are some pictures of our weekend!


De raven

Wow, beautiful pics, very impressive birds!


wow..what beautiful creatures…nice pictures..

Ryan is so big now...too cute still.. 🙂

I love raptors…Very cool photos.

Beautiful photos of the birds and your boys!

Two questions, where are you for these photos? And what is the bird in the 13th pic down? Black body with yellow nare, and thicker beak than the Harris hawk? Fluffy red leggings…


@ Quercus, we were at a farm party (for easter) and they booked a raptor demonstration.
I got the opportunity to stay a little closer for taking my pictures 😉 (Two times they just missed me 🙂 )
The owners of the raptors are also working with the birds as natural anemy for pigeons and crows at farms.
You can look at their website, they tell you everyting about every different raptor they own.

The bird you mean, I think you mean the 13th from the bottom?
That is a female Harris Hawk, a female raptor is 1/3 bigger than the male so maybe her beak looks a little bigger.

Gorgeous pictures. And I always love the looks on sweet Ryan's face. He has so many expressions!

Unm - those are not basenjis. But they sure are gorgeous!

Hi Buana,
Very sharp pictures, which camera did you use to shoot them and what was the event? All pictures are great but like falcon pictures most.

Stones Sharp Accountants

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