Pugs & Labradors (Lots of pictures!!)

  • Hi,

    Thought i'd share these pictures. This is what little Maya will be coming to! I think she is going to grow up thinking she's a Pugador 😃

    There are tonnes of pictures, sorry! I got a bit carried away :p



    Chloe (mum to Meg, Riley & Beau and Grandmother to Saffie and Cassia):





    Saffie and her litter sister Cassia:

    Meg (front) and Saffie. Meg is Saffie and Cassias mum!:


    Riley, my labrador with Gracie and Delilah! We'd just moved into our new house lol

    This is, l-r Saffie, Cassia, Beau, Riley (behind), and Izzy

    Delilah and Riley:

    Gracie and the labs:

    Muddy Lilah:

  • Wow, what a crew! I just love the chocolate labs and the black one has such a shiny coat. I forgot how many wrinkles pugs have, how cute!!!

  • Great shots! I can see you are already used to wrinkles and a curly tail.. 😃 😃 (I do have to say that I find Basenjis way more attractive than pugs 😉 :p)

    Keep those pics coming!

  • I love pugs. Yours are too cute. 😃 Can't wait to see the pic of your labs, pugs and basenji in the water (or at least the basenji's toe in the water). 😃

  • Thanks all!

    I guess i do have a think for wrinkles and curly tails lol! And Pugs are definately either a love or hate dog. I personally think they're gorgeous, like adorable like monkeys!!

    Im sure we'll be able to encourage Maya into the water eventually! lol Pugs are supposed to hate water but both of mine jump right in!!

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