Hedgehog Pictures

Here's some pictures of Mocha my African Pygmy Hedgehog. Excuse the basenji getting its face in one of the photos :rolleyes:

Great pics! What's it eating? Looks like worms.

They're mealworms! She also gets live crickets as a treat.. yummy!

It doesn't seem to be afraid of Maya.

The hedgehogs arent afraid of anything!

Mocha has grown since the last pics , Maya looks like she wants to eat it 😮

Oh she does, but it rolls into a tiny, prickly ball when she tries to so she hasnt quite worked it out yet lol!

And yeah, Mocha has more than doubled in size since i got her 😃

Awww very cute critter.
I wish we could have exotic pets in California. Even ferrets are illegal here even though many people do own them.

How cute is she:D I didn't know you had one Jess when did you get her?

Thanks all!

I've actually got 2. I've had Sidney my albino boy for about 4 months and Mocha i've had since November 🙂

Here's some more pictures of Mocha, and Sidney! I've also added a video on the end. I keep trying to tempt Mocha into eating some live food as its more natural for them of course, but she is scared of the hopping for some reason lol I do have a video of Sidney munching away on them but i wont post that up as it might upset some people, if you do want to see it it's the other hedgehog video uploaded today on my youtube account 😃

Mochas beautiful quills!

For some reason Sidney really wanted to get in this bag!!


I just have to ask, do you buy these as pets? Here in norway we have them living in the wild. They are on the endangered species list here, so we have to be carefull and not harm or disturb them, and it is not legal to have as pets.

Im pretty sure this species of hedgehog is legal in Norway 🙂 They are the domesticated hedgehogs so not the same as the wild ones, i dont think its legal to keep the ones we get in the wild over here as pets.

These make wonderful pets as they love human contact. They come directly from breeders (though they're becoming more popular in pet shops recently..) so they're very tame. They are a lot smaller than wild hedgehogs and come in a variety of colours.

So cute, i love the video of Mocha looking very scared of the cricket, it's as if she wants to eat it but daren't

Okey, I see, thanks for the information. Never seen them before. They are beautifull! 🙂


I had to check - due to laws consering exotic animals, we are not allowed to import or keep pygme hedgehogs in norway. They are legal in sweden, of course…

Thet're gorgeous! I've always loved the attitude of hedgehogs. Thank you for sharing your photos.

I love that one with Maya.

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