A Boy & His Dog :)

Wanted to share this sweet picture of my nephew Max with Julio 🙂

This great pic belongs on a card that has "I'm glad we're best friends" on it!

Fabulous photo, I'm sure his parents love it, and it would make a wonderful greeting card!

What a great picture. I agree, greeting card perfect!

However, roflmao… I hope you have never seen the movie "A Boy and His Dog" with Don Johnson. What makes it funnier is Johnson played "SONNY" Crockett on Miami Vice.

Wonderful picture -I agree with the others it would make a great card.

I saw that movie, loved the ending. I didn't make the "Sonny" connection, though!

Wow what a great picture !!!

Hi Sonnyboy,
What a lovely picture and thanks for sharing this with others and making this thread, A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Do you have more pictures to share?

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