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    Fresh fruit…. I read b's like fruit so I gave her some strawberrys and watermelon, lol but she wouldn't chew them she just wanted to lick the water off, I even put it in her mouth by her back teeth to chew n she pushed it out to lick, it was pretty funny

  • Takes time for them to develope a taste for different things… keep giving them to her, but I would not force in her mouth and try and get her to chew....

    Also, didn't she just have surgery? I would wait a bit as her tummy could get upset pretty quickly with just having major surgery.

  • Many dogs like fruit… some dogs you have to cut in tiny bites or even mash them a little to get to eat. HOWEVER, they don't process them all that great so go easy on them. I have dried fruit for treats for mine.

    No grapes or raisins, btw, they can be toxic.

  • Whenever I eat an apple on the couch I am surrounded. I get a slice then Rogue, Sidhe & Kell get a slice before I get my next one. No one pushes or anything, they just gather round, and look at me with those "I am starving" eyes and I cannot resist. They also love carrots, thinly sliced please, green beans, frozen are a real treat, one likes tomatoes, the others could care less. Pears also are pleasing and it is share the slice time again. You just never know with this breed. I have never offered strawberries or water melon, but cantalope has been accepted.

  • We had one that loved orange sections, another loved watermelon, Eddie loves strawberries and oranges only if they have been in sangria! Most of ours have not really liked fruit or raw veges. Cooked vegas are another matter!

  • Mine do not enjoy fruit. They sniff at it and just leave it where it lies. One loves frozen green beans, and likes raw baby carrots, and both like their food best when I add the pumpkin/yogurt to it, which is also great for anal gland issues. They like tomato and spinach and all kinds of cooked veggies when they are scraped off into their bowls when we have not eaten everything on our plates. Something about it being obviously people food makes it wonderful.

  • Cody loves Bananas. Has even knocked one out of my hand so he could eat it. But he will pretty much eat any fruit or veggie cooked or raw. Recently tried raw spinach and he ate it right up. Aurora on the other hand sniffed once, licked once and walked away. Her favorite thing is cheese. I swear she is part mouse.

  • btw no onions or too much garlic… have ingredients that adversely affect the blood.

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