Looking for Mississippi basenji

  • Are there any owners in Mississippi? I am interested in a basenji but have never been around one.

  • Welcome to the Forum! There is tons of good information here, so stick around, research the breed and ask lots of questions. Basenjis are darling, but they can be a handful. If and when you make the decision to get one, go to the Basenji Club of America website and check for a reputable breeder in your area. www.basenji.org

    You might also want to consider adopting a basenji. Check out www.basenjirescue.org

  • Are you in Brandon (I'm not familiar with Branfon)? I'm from that general area and you probably won't find a breeder close by. I don't even see anybody in the BCOA roster for Mississippi, unfortunately. You would find some in nearby states like Missouri, Georgia, and Florida. If you go the BRAT route, they may at least know of people in the state with basenjis that you could meet up with.

  • You can check at dog shows, but it looks like the next ones are in June. Look at the akc.org web site for when they happen, then the week before it will tell you on the superintendents site how many of each breed are entered. Typically there are not very many, if any basenjis showing in Mississippi. I know of available puppies and adults in TX and GA, not sure if anyone else still has any this late in the season. Most basenjis are born in Dec/Jan as they normally only go in season once a year.

  • Sorry it should say Brandon, Ms.

  • First Basenji's

    Hi, we live in Northeast Arkansas and have two basenjis. We would be happy for you to come up sometime and play with our two favorite kids. When I go to google maps it looks like you are about four and a half hours away from us. If you are really interested please feel free to contact me and we can set it up. We love to share our experiences with our basenjis. We were even on the front page of a newspaper recently because of our b's. Wherever we go we always get to talk about our basenjis and we LOVE it.

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