Looking for basenji owners in MD

  • Hello,
    I dont own a basenji, but we are thinking about one.
    I have few questions,
    the reason for my questions is - my husband is allergic to most of the dogs.
    I heard that Basenji is one of the dogs that might not cause strong alergic reaction, but we don't want to bring one home and find out that we cannot keep it.

    1. is it true that this dog almost doesn't shed?
    2. is there anybody here who owns one and located in Mongomery county MAryland, or close by?
      Are there any gathering or clubs for people who onws basenji in this area?
      We are trying to find a way for my husband to touch one and see what his reaction is.
      I greately appreciate any help.

  • There's a Basenji club in Maryland:

    I've been told that to truly test for allergies, you should skip your daily medication and visit a home with more than one.

  • Every dog sheds…it's a part of nature. Some don't shed as much. Yes, even poodles shed. 🙂

  • Hi yul, Welcome to Basenji Forums!

    There is no dog breed that is truly non-allergenic (not allergy causing) because all dogs produce dander (shed skin cells), saliva, and urine. You can be allergic to the dog dander, dog saliva, or both. Urine is less of a problem since dogs usually potty outside.

    Pet hair itself is not an allergen, but it can collect dander, dust, and pollen.

    To answer the question about shedding, Basenjis do shed, but its not as much as some other breeds and they keep themselves very clean with their own grooming methods. Their coats are so short, though, with you'll hardly notice if they shed.

    Basenjis are known to supposedly produce less dander than other breeds, and many people who are mildly allergic to dogs can tolerate some of these "low dander" dog breeds with proper environmental controls.

    Be careful though, as there are no guarantees. People's pet allergies vary greatly. Severe pet allergy sufferers may not tolerate any dogs at all, even with the best environmental controls.

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