Pippin..and his new collar

I found this really pretty ribbon at a store so I bought it and had it shipped to Nick Russell..he made Pippin a gorgeous limited slip lead (martingale) and a loungewear collar as well.
The ribbon is of traditional Swedish Dala Horses and since Pippin and I am both from Sweden I thought it very fitting to use it for a collar for him.
Nick did a stunning job..he came highly recommended by several peeps on here and on FB..I now understand why…High quality, meticulously handmade, outstanding looks..We love it..Thanks Nick 😃

We took it out for a trial run and it worked great while having a play fight with Luna..his favorite girl..

They even shared a stick…

Needless to say…I love my little red/white guy..:D

That is a gorgeous collar! Did you give Nick the ribbon to use? I know several people (including me) who would love collars made from that ribbon as gifts.


Yes, I did..got it at "the ribbon retreat.com" under jaquard ribbons.. shoot here is a link..:D

Click the style and choose DalaHorses.

I had it shipped to him directly.

I can attest to Nick's workmanship, we have used several of his collars for years, I get new ones just for a change, never because old ones need replacing.
That collar is lovely, and looks great on Pippin.

Pippin looks darn smart in his new collar, Petra!


Thanks Guys..I think Nick did a wonderful job..

Does Nick have a website?

Great looking collar, by the way! Pippen looks so grown up now!


Linda…I don't think he does, but he is on Facebook...

Petra, do you have his Facebook URL? I searched for Nick Russell and came up with hundreds of hits. I scrolled through the first few pages, but didn't see any obvious choice. Thanks.


Linda..let me figure out how to do that.

Petra, go to Nick's Facebook page, then copy the URL in the address bar, then come back here and paste it into a post. That should work…it did when I tried it with one of my Facebook Friends.


It works..but I think my account is attached now as well..


Wow thats a great collar!

Pip is very very handsome!

Thanks Petra…that worked! 🙂

What a beautiful collar and handsome boy :D.

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