A forum success story!

Last summer my doctor told me I needed to get more exercise - so I figured it was about time to get another B. I bought my first one when I was 15 (almost 30 years ago!) I fell in love with the breed after seeing the movie "Goodbye My Lady".

I looked around at breeders, but knowing that I was several months late, didn't hold out much hope of finding one until the next Winter. I sent out a couple of emails to breeders with no response. The day before I found this forum a 4 year old red and white female was listed on the site. The previous owner had had a new baby and the B was not getting along with it - I think that the baby was getting all of the attention and the B felt quite displaced. After several e-mails and a discussion with my family, we decided that we would take her in. We arranged a flight on Continental, and had her flown from Texas to Utah. She had some problems with her teeth (had a couple of broken ones) that we had fixed, and she had been on a diet of canned food, and had a habit of drinking from the toilet. Her coat was quite coarse, and she was just slightly underweight. She took right to some high quality dry food, and with a clean dish of water available, never again touched a toilet bowl! She only had a couple of accidents in the house the first month, but has been perfect since then. In fact, this has been the best behaved B I have ever had (out of three). We have a regular schedule of walks, culminating in her "9 o'clock walk" before she settles down for the night, and she and I log between 2-5 miles a day depending on the weather (though I have to admit the mileage went down to a couple of walks around the block when it was 9 degrees!). I think the walking schedule has a lot to do with her good behavior - like they say, a tired basenji is a good basenji.

To all of you who have put in so much work keeping this website up, and all of you who have supported it - THANK YOU! We love our B so much - she's our forever sweetheart!

I am so very happy to hear that that wonderful B got a loving home from you. It makes me feel good to know that there are good people out there to take those who were rejected from their homes.

That is great! Congratulations!

Wonderful rescue story…I'm so happy for both of you!

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