Another "horror story" from Norway…

  • Today revealed an awful story about a vet clink with serious malpractices and hygiene.

    Thanks to animal loving employees this story is getting attention, but they remain anonymous in fear of loosing their jobs….(not that I know why they would want to work at such a place!)

    Google translate does a good job, there are some strange translations, but I am sure people can get the picture. If there is anything you can't understand let me know and I will try to give a better translation.

    READ THE FULL STORY HERE, Translated via Google.

    In short

    • Outdated drugs
    • Animals put together next to eachother…pray and predator...serious stress to the animals.
    • Animals screamed out in pain when not given anesthetic drugs, or low dose, during operations.
    • Poor hygiene.

    Some facts about animal clinics in Norway. (taken from the story)

    • According to the Animal Welfare Alliance in Norway, there are currently about 400 000 dogs and more than 500,000 cats, in addition to more than 200,000 rabbits and an unknown number of small rodents and birds.

    • There are 439 registered animal clinics in Norway, according to . It includes everything from sole proprietorships to the animal hospital with over 20 employees.

    • Animal Clinic or hospital is not a protected title. Anyone who is an authorized veterinarian can open a veterinary clinic.

    • According to the Animal Health Personnel is up to the clinic managers themselves to ensure that existing regulations are followed. There are currently no procedures for unannounced inspections or other controls of those businesses.

    • Even with serious and serious violations of law, there is often just a warning. FSA has the ability to void the veterinarians authorization or the right to prescribe medications, but this instrument is used very rarely.

    • disputes between owner and veterinarians or clinics are handled by the veterinary legal advice , especially when unexpected death in animals or suspicion of wrong treatment.

  • Thank goodness this is getting some exposure. When people mistreat animals there is something horrible to say about their general character. No place like this should be in business.

  • OH, those poor animals. I hope those places are shut down.

  • I really hope this will lead to more controlls… Fortunatly I have never used the vet's in question.

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