HI from all at Zigoyirox besenjis

**Hey All,

My husband and I got our first Basenji about a year and a half ago. We are totally in love with her. she is just coming up for 21 months old named Femi. I have been on this forum reading threads when we have had questions and have found it to be very helpful. Thank you all for that! we have a made alot of friends in the Basenji world**

Good to have you here Kirsty. You must post the lovely pics of Femi from Crufts.

Welcome to the forum Kirsty, congratulations on your day at Crufts, and yes we do want to see the pictures!

Welcome to the forum Kirsty! We love pictures… 😃

Welcome and YES, please share pictures!


Welcome Femi, nice to have you onboard. 🙂

Hi Kirsty - welcome! We are glad to have you here to share pictures wink and stories about Femi.

Welcome to the Forum Kirsty!

Welcome to the forum Kirsty - i'm pleased you've joined us.

Welcome to the forum Kirsty and Femi!!

Welcome to the forum Kirsty!


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