• My little wingman is getting big, last vet visit he weighed in at almost 13lb.

  • still super cute!!!!

  • What a cutie, glad to hear that he is doing well!

  • That makes two of us, Thanks again Pat.

  • How cute! He looks very happy.

  • What a sweet little guy.

    Rita Jean

  • He may be up to 13 lbs. now, but he's still got some growing to do to catch up with those ears! 😉
    Thanks for the new pics! He looks so innocent when he's sleeping. Don't you just love them then?

  • He is darling, enjoy your little man.

  • lmao, that is the number one comment I get- "Oh my, look at those ears!" ….I truthfully dont think he will ever grow into them, he is my little bat boy :rolleyes: He truly is very gentle and mild mannered ( in terms of the basenji spectrum)....he is still horrible in his crate so I'm hoping with the additional of a little red and white girl he will calm....that, and reintroduction to his crate. I am afraid to say that he is very attached to his mommy, he follows me everywhere and cries whenever I leave the room, he even pees out of spite to tell me how unacceptable the seperation is. I don't give in and so I am confused as to why this behavior continues. We have a long way to go but he is a very good boy overall!

  • Houston

    So adorable..he is growing nicely…Good to see all things are good.

  • So adorable, and those ears are the just awesome. Lycia's ears are a bit to big for her head too, but it gives her character. 🙂 I'm mega jealous of all you new B parents. Oakley is a handsome boy.

  • Cute photos! I see his ears are up now:)

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