• I am so thrilled to catch up on this thread & read the good news!! I love Jozie, and have been hoping she would find the perfect home for a while. Sounds like this couldn't be a better fit for anybody involved, and I'm happy for all parties. Its always so nice to hear happy stories like these 😃

  • Basenjimamma,
    Robyn has already been told, there is no way Jozie is ever leaving our home. She is officially a part of the family.

  • @jdurden:

    Robyn has already been told, there is no way Jozie is ever leaving our home. She is officially a part of the family.


    I'm so happy for you guys! I forgot to mention on my previous post, I completely agree 10000% with everything everybody has said about Robyn. She is a wonderful breeder, and a great resource and mentor. My dogs aren't from her, but she is always available via e-mail or phone to answer basenji related questions. I would not hesitate to adopt a basenji from her should the right circumstances arise. I just can not say enough how happy I am for you, Jozie, Moxie & Robyn.

  • Both videos show that Jozie likes Moxie and won't give up till he adores her too. They do look a lot alike, a lovely pair. A perfect fit was worth waiting, and driving, for! Congratulations.

  • @jdurden:

    And the dance continues in Florida. Donna shot this video and I have just learned how to upload, thanks to Robyn. Jozie is adjusting very well. She is timid about everything. I left her out in th house with Moxie on the porch for about two hours. When I came home she was sitting up on the sofa watching TV. We have tried to get her on the sofa but she has refused until now.


    what a lovely matched set of basenjis!

  • Today makes one week since Jozie came to live with us. She is a different Basenji as she has changed a lot. She has also changed Moxie from being a very insecure, lonely Basenji missing his lifetime companion to an alert, more active Basenji who trots around the yard with head held high or running after the teasing squirrels. Both have bonded and are very comfortable with each other. Every day brings more changes. Last night, Jozie joined Moxie and I on the sofa during an entire movie. She now routinely walks up to where I sit and wants to be rubbed. She is like a shadow following us when Donna or I move about the house. She has to know where everyone is and what they are doing at all times. Jozie is a playhead and starts teasing Moxie into play when we first get up in the morning and continues all day. What can I say, she is at home and loves it. Her adjustment has progressed at an amazing rate, beyond my wildest expectations. She is doing things that I did not expect to see for at least one month such as allowing me, a male to hold her when she was not accustomed to men. She is laying on the floor beside my chair as I write this.

    Jozie and Moxie are so similar in color and marking that when I simply glance at one of them, I regularly mistake which one it is. I have placed Moxie with Jozies food by mistake on one occasion and have done the same with Jozie on one occasion. Moxie has lived with me for ten years.

    We have posted four videos now on youtube for public viewing. Here is a link to those videos


    Thanks once again to all of the well wishers out there in Basenji land and many thanks to Robin Dubbert for allowing us to bring this wonderfull girl to share our home. Robin still has some beautifull puppies that need a good forever home as well as a couple on fantastic adult male Basenjis. Anyone wanting a good companion is doing themselves a disservierce by not talking to Robin and going for a look at these Basenjis.

  • That is so super… I am so happy that Josie has found her forever home and that she is coming into her own.... as a loved family member! Looks like Josie is having the time of her life! (and Moxie too)

  • It's so good to have your update on Jozie. She has arrived where she belongs I think.

  • Yea!!!!!!!! win/win. Do keep us updated..I love these type of stories.

  • How wonderful - kinda a fairy tale story coming true. 🙂 They really look like they are getting along so well - great videos! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  • There is one thing about Jozie that I haven't mentioned. When I first posted this thread, I was cautioned about Basenjis around cats because I have a 17 year old male cat. When Jozie arrived at our home, she immediately began to explore the new surroundings. The cat made an appearance, ignored Jozie and she ignored the cat. The next day Jozie approached Montana, they sniffed each others nos and instantly became friends. There has not been any cat chasing or abuse. The cat comes and goes as he wishes and all is good. Jozie lived with three cats and now readily accepts them in the house. This is a wonderfull match.

  • I have a three year old Basenji mix that needs a good home. She is extremely social and friendly.. She LOVES other dogs, kids and other people. She is up-to-date on her shots and house broken. I am located in Sarasota, Florida and would be willing to get together to see if she is compatible with your family.

    Thank you.

  • I have a cat and have added two Basenjis since she and I came together. She is in charge and I encourage her to "train" the dogs. Our male (Guppy a BRAT rescue) has given her a little more trouble than most dogs (I guess she gives him a pass because he's cute-I wish she wouldn't though!). We have our moments (Guppy is a teenager and living up to the name Mr. Grumpy Pants) but we seem to be getting along just fine.

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