Help from any Australian breeder networks?

  • First Basenji's

    Hello Basenji people…

    This was on the Shiba forums, the "other" side that I frequent. I'm reposting this here since this is one of the most well-connected forums I know, and there seem to be more Australians here than over there. I didn't fact-check this, but a current available listing on Dogz Online seems to confirm (I'm not sure yet, but I think this is an older listing before the latest diagnosis, before the breeder decided to clear out his kennel).

    If you think there's any way you can help, even if it's just passing this information on to your dog-savvy Australian friends, that could help too.

    Contact : Ernie Warren
    Location : Talbot VIC
    Ph : (03)54632290
    Email : Send Email

    This is the last message I have for Dogsonline viewers.

    Sadly I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and will no longer be able to care for my beloved Shibas.

    I am asking for kind, loving, forever homes for 3 Shiba Inus

    Kalatara The Widowmaker - an 8 year old Black/Tan male.
    Aust.Ch. Kalatara Christmas Gift. red 8 yo speyed female
    Kalatara Yum Yum also 8 yo. red female and also speyed

    If you can open your hearts and homes to these aged dogs I and they will be forever grateful.

    Please contact Joan Holmes at or phone
    (03) 54611057 - or Mobile 0408 054306 for more details , photos and information.

    To all Shiba Inu owners, breeders and lovers - Goodbye, God Bless.

  • This brings tears to my eyes. I hope these shibas can find a good home where they can all be together. I am sure the owner would find great peace knowing the dogs would be well cared for.

  • I hope you were able to get some help…
    I am leaving OZ tomorrow to get back to the real life.
    Best of luck to these little ones.

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