Paco's sister is going back to the breeder :(

  • The breeder had so much trouble finding owners for Paco and Chica's littermates that he fixed their mother so he wouldn't have to do it again. He even gave away the last two pups for free when he finally found someone to take them. And now Chica is going back to him.

    The owner apparently can't handle her. He keeps her tied on his large balcony, but she chews through the line to escape. She's too energetic for his taste and mouthy when she plays. I'm mad because it's stuff he should have known, but it's equally the breeders fault for not sharing information about basenjis. I've met her and she has SUCH a great temperament; she just needs a little bit of training and someone that understands b's.

    I really want to take her in, but we have no space in our tiny apartment for a second dog. sigh

  • Agreed… it is the breeder fault for not letting people know what a Basenji is like... a very sad situation... but good that they decided to not have any more litters. Responsible breeders need to be prepared to take back any and all pups they have produced for their entire lifetime.... it is the classic mistake that people make with any breed of dog they decide to breed...

  • Responsible breeders need to be prepared to take back any and all pups they have produced for their entire lifetime….

    This can't be stressed enough. The breeder in discussion here has done well to ensure that no more litters can be produced. I know of people who call themselves and advertise as breeders because they have litter after litter. Each cycle of their females means another litter on the ground. Yet, they have not been able to place the puppies from the most recent litter and even have some from the litter before that.
    Certainly come next cycle, there will be more pups produced.
    In my opinion, this is a recipe for disaster.

  • I quit breeding due to health issues. I felt strongly that if I was not relatively sure I could take puppies back for their entire LIFE, I shouldn't produce more litters.

    I was lucky to have a best friend and breeding partner to continue (producing great dogs who have been to Westminster, gotten multiple BOB, BISS etc), but I haven't bred a litter in 11 yrs and never will again.

    I still, fortunately, am very involved in choosing studs and helping with placements, and I get puppy/adult pics and updates and calls from puppy owners the same as if I had bred them as not only the backup person, but because I am home much more than the other 2. But how can I put puppies on the ground and leave their future uncertain?

  • sigh Poor little basenjis. 😞

    This makes me all the more happier that I bought from a great breeder (FoPaws) who made sure I knew about the breed and who stressed returning Kipawa for any reason should things not work out (sorry Therese and Kevin, you'll never get him back! 🙂 ).

    And kudos to Sharron and everyone here who patiently answered all of my questions for almost a year, prior to me getting Kipawa. With FoPaws and all of you, I knew what to expect, and I was able to determine if the antics of a basenji were acceptable for our home. And they are - we laugh at them, and every night when we first get into bed with Kipawa, we thank Therese and Kevin for all the time they put into their breeding program and the training and socialization they worked on to make Kipawa a very special little man.

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