• So far we have had a few piddle's on the floor and some crying, I am so glad he is home but boy would some positive reassurance be good! Enjoy the pictures…he doesn't like to look into the camera!

  • What a cutie!

    If you can't give him your full attention, keep him crated, I think is the general rule. Any time there's a change in activity, go outside, because he may need to "go". That should help with the piddles. He'll cry when crated, but you just have to deal with it until he gets used to it. Chris and I didn't sleep for weeks when we first got Paco because he sounded like a pig being slaughtered when he was in his crate alone at night…

    Congratulations and good luck! You're in the right place for people with good advice. 🙂

  • Thanks, it so hard to hear him cry and panic in his ex-pen! He does sound like a squeling pig…lol. It's easy to say you won't let it bother you but when you have him thats the hard part, I love him to pieces though.

  • Congrats! He's a cutie!:D

  • Houston

    Welcome Oakley..Congratulations..I am so happy he is finally with you…

  • Glad to see he's home, look at those ears!! 😃 So cute!!

    Maya didnt cry at all when she came home, but she had the other dogs for company. Is Oakley an only child? If so, you have to expect some crying when left, the best thing to do for his sake is to just leave him to get over it - he will!! The more you pander to him the worse it will be in the long run.

  • He is an only child, thanks for the advice…I will just have to leave him be

  • he's super cute - and great collar color choice!

  • I am ooozing with jealousy. I want a BW boy soooooo badly… very very cute!

  • Congratulations! Oakley is very handsome! It's been 13 years since my B boy was a puppy, but he cried the first night. I tucked him in his crate in the bedroom; he'd cry and I'd hop up to take him out. About the third time this happened, I thought, "Wow, seems like I just did this." I looked at the clock and it had only been ten minutes. I'm very trainable. 🙂

  • Oakley is a sweetie. Remember - after sleep/nap, exercise and feeding you have to expect that Oakley will want to relieve himself. I gather you are taking him outside right now to relieve himself? Use a word to indicate you want him to do his business (I use 'hurry hurry') and then when he finishes, praise him.

    Congratulations on having Oakley finally with you!

  • unfortunately kipawa, we have about 40'' of snow piled up and the small pathways are iced. I have a litter box, which the breeder used…he poops in it everytime but has only hit the pad once out of about 6 times, I place him on the pad when I know he has to go, he promptly gets off and goes immediately after I take him off! I have the timing right but not the result...LOL.

  • Thanks tlish- I knew the yellow would really stand out against his black shiny coat. He met my 14 month old nephew and both did really well. Oakley didn't jump on him or mouth at all & gave a few kisses on the face- while Aidan didn't pull on him and was gentle, he even layed his face on Oakley's when he was napping and smiled a big grin…it was nice to see my two loves together.

    So, I am sure I will need a lot of advice in the next couple weeks so I am glad everyone is here, it makes it feel less overwhelming! You always know it will be a lot of work but don't really grasp it until they are here!

  • What a cute boy, have lots of fun with him

  • He is a gorgeous pup, love his face. Remember, he has just been "kidnapped" away from mom and family, in a strange place with no other pups or mom to snuggle with. But as everyone said, don't cave to every whimper, or he will be the boss right from day-1! Enjoy your baby!

  • Thanks for the advice MacPack, it's just good to know this is normal…I know it is but hearing it just makes me feel better.

  • What an absolute cutie-pie!

    How about if you put the pads in a box too?

  • Congratulations on finally having Oakley home with you.


    I have a litter box, which the breeder used…he poops in it everytime but has only hit the pad once out of about 6 times, I place him on the pad when I know he has to go, he promptly gets off and goes immediately after I take him off!

    Is there a reason you are using pads in conjunction with a litter box? I teach my pups to do both in the litter box. (They learn the poop part much faster than the pee part but they eventually get the idea.)

  • Thanks Debra, I have pads underneath the equine pine, and yodeldogs, I am not sure why I am using both- I guess in case he misses…he is 3/3 on the poops and getting a little better peeing, I put him in the litter box and he thinks it's a game to get away but he does have to go- I clearly am a newbie.LOL. you all would be staring and laughing in between handfuls of popcorn! So, I guess I will take away the pads and only use the litter box

  • Congratulations.. He is really cute. I love the black and white b,s. My next B will hopefully look just like Oakley… be patient... Don't freak out, ask away, no one knows more
    About basenjis than the people in this forum... And don't give in, if you do now at the beginning you will have problems for long time. he'll cry and eventually be quiet. Don't ever let him out until he calms down, and don't make a fuss about coming and going.....

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