• Tonight is my last night without Oakley, I know I should get my sleep in tonight since I won't be getting any for the next few nights but I am too excited! That, and I have so much to do before I go pick him up at noon Saturday…we are expecting yet another snow tomorrow (we have had at least 70 inches in the last two months!) so it should be an interesting day overall. I will post pictures and such tomorrow, wish me luck!:D

  • Exactly…. and LOL, not just a few nights when he comes home..... Drive careful if you get the snow expected!!!

  • I thought someone would catch that, LOL- many many nights to come I am sure. I hate driving in the snow but it seems not to matter, we are having multiple storms each week, luckily, once I ipck up the puppy I will be planted at home for the start of a "vacation"..Thanks…

  • Houston

    Oh, how exciting, be careful and do tell us all about it….

  • Hope your house is puppy proof!

  • Wishing you a safe trip there and back, and many happy wonderful days with your new puppy!

  • I did puppy proof the house however I wont know if it's really puppy proofed until he gets here…I'll post pictures tomorrow!

  • Good luck and have FUN tomorrow…it will no doubt be a day that will be carved into your memories forever.
    I'm so envious...but since I cannot have a puppy right now I will have be content to share in your enthusiasm - it's infectious! 🙂
    Looking forward to pictures tomorrow of the adorable Oakley!

  • Ahh, in Scotland your day is already here!! So good luck today, its gonna be one of the best of your life. 🙂

  • Have fun picking up your pup! I'm also in MA and picking up my puppy in 2 weeks:) Maybe we can have a playdate!

  • Have fun!!

  • Kirsten, absoloutely…a play date would be great...pending all this darn snow. Thanks everyone, its 8am here and I am getting all the last minute stuff done and charging my camera!

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