Night Howling

I'm not sure if this is normal as this has never happened since we go the dynamic duo in October.

A couple of weeks ago I thought I heard very loud howling…so I ran downstairs and they both looked at me like I was crazy. It was in the middle of the night so I figured maybe I dreamt it because all seemed fine.

Last night we were watching TV with the pooches asleep on the couch. Suddenly TOPAZ lets out this loud howl!! :eek: :eek: And it wasn't a barooo it was a HOWL a long loud HOWLING sound. SO WEIRD 😕

But she looked fine so we took them outside for last potty & then to bed in their crates. At 4am :eek: :eek: DH gets up startled & ran downstairs because he heard howling again...but again all was fine except for poor C3PO must have awoken with the noise & then got fussy about going back to bed.

Anything happen like this to anyone else?? More importantly WHY??

Are my B's really wolves :p

I started another thread on this awhile back. My Squiggy did this a few times. It was really freaky. I woke up and he was in bed with me and he didnt wake him self up. It took me a moment to realize what was going on. The next time it happened I knew, but WOW the first time!
It does not happen often and Squiggs is a very quite boy so I enjoy it now. It is like he lets loose all that he didnt say that day 🙂

I found the old thread if you want to see some other responses. It is in behavioral issues on the 2nd page. It's called "Late night ROOOOS!"

Jenny has done it in her sleep a couple of times. The other day after a 4 mile bike ride, I let her inside for water, and took our labmix to the neighbor's house for a romp off-leash with their big dog. We was gone maybe 7-8 minutes and as we walked back, I could hear Jenny inside making the same howling noise! She was not happy to see us through the window socializing without her!
She stopped the instant the door opened. 🙂

Too Funny Billy K

Thanks Christy I'll look up the thread 🙂

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