Night dreams

In all the time I've had Gossy, she has never really done the yodel - lots of other vocalizations. Last night, she woke me up with a yodel-in-her-sleep! It was an honest-to-goodness yodel and loud - :eek: OMG. I wonder what she was dreaming about.

Hopefully it was a happy yodel. 😃

I'd say she was dreaming of running after nice plump little bunnies, and she was trying to say "CHARGE!".

Late to the party…as always. But my boy does that just about every other night. He is quite his sleep, and even while awake. He is far more vocal than my previous fella. He sometimes wakes me up with his noises. Yes, he wil growl, whine, and howl/yodel in his sleep. Welcome to my world!

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