• Thought i would share some photos, yesterday we took our horses swimming in the dam and had one of our friends whos training to be a photgrapher take some photos.


    Our horses swimming

    King n I having a swim in the deeper parts (both of us pulling a funny face too- something must have been funny LOL)

    Practicing some aerobatics LOL

    King n i


    My friend trotting her horse through the water

    swimming races


    Us girls on our horses

  • Cool, they have a horse rehab in Seattle and they swim the horses to help them heal.

  • beautiful pics; thanks for sharing

  • swimming horses is tonnes of fun. we just do it for fun (and cos its hot) the horses really enjoy it. towards the end i was just laying across my horse's back n scratching his chest n tummy n he was snoozing, while we were in the water LOL

    Water therapy is def the way to go for injured horses too

  • Great pictures and beautiful horses!! Brings back happy memories.. We used to do this all summer.. Great fun!

  • Ok, I'm jealous… all my ponies are back in the states.. looks amazing.

  • Brilliant photos, that looks like so much fun! I'd love to do that with mine, Charlie would love it but Una wont go near water lol!

  • Great photo's and nice looking horses too!!! Brings back many memories for me too! Thanks for sharing

  • Lovely pictures, it look like fun for all

  • Beautiful horses! Though I don't ride now due to a back injury I received while I was riding (thrown off my horse), I can just 'feel' the experience through the pictures. Please tell your friend that their pictures really captured a feeling of trust, relaxation and being one with one of the world's most beautiful creatures.

  • beautiful pics… I kept thinking of that movie The man from snowy river, for some reason.. Maybe cause it's australia! was it Australia in the movie???
    I used to ride when I was a kid ......

  • Really nice pictures - the both of you look so happy with your horses in the water - read envy here, I'd love to do that….....

  • Great pics - looks like fun (I was wondering how you made out with all the rain & flooding).

    Half Moon Bay in Jamaica lets you take their horses swimming in the ocean - I've never dared do it as I'm not a good rider.

  • Beautiful pics 😃

  • Horses and water and being young! Good pictures and fun for sure. We used to go on trail rides down in MO. Ride in the morning and then the kids would take the horses out swiming, usually hanging on to the tail, water that deep. One ride we were crossing a river and a 7-10 year old kid behind us had his horse lay down right in the river. The guys rushed over to see and asked how he was. His comment was "Well, I'm fine - but I lost my chew". Horses fun but expensive.
    Dave of the Nord

  • OK - everyone go back to the picture with the girl STANDING on the back of the horse - now for those that know me - and 'the story' - imagine it's me standing there and a squirrel runs by. There would be empty screen - I'ld be in the drink and the horse would be gone.

    But it sure looks like fun.

  • dmcarty i am very curious about your story? lol

    yeah the horses love the water, thankfully my horse King naturally loves it! I took him down the beach and he would go straight into the sea, not scared of the waves at all and we'd go cantering along the beach in the shallow waters. Pure bliss. But funnily enough… a little puddle to walk across... ohh no way! gotta jump it incase something comes out and eats him hahaha. they are so funny! yet he is fine with walking straight into the dam or the ocean.

    Horses can be very expensive, but sometimes they arent. I only pay $20 a week agistment (where i keep him) and because hes a QH i havent had to feed him (he'll eat anything including bindis lol) so hes always fat. So i really only pay $20 a week and every 3mths i pay $15 for worming paste. Then the yearly T&S shots (around $20). The only time ive had to hand feed in the last 4 yrs is a couple of months through the dry season and usually id only get a $20 roundie which will last several weeks maybe a bag of feed ($22) to tie us over. and feet to be trimmed is $20 every 3-4mths unless i do it myself. So its not entirely expensive it just depends on the horse… like my friend has a thoroughbred and she feeds it so much several times a day just to keep the weight on and it costs her an arm and leg and has to be shod etc. which costs more.

    The only expensive part is when they hurt themselfs:rolleyes: but the vets here let us pay it off 😉 Hes my hobby so totally worth it. Just like how others spend money on fishing or other things etc.

    (of course the initial set up is always costly. but i went away and saved several grand and then came home, bought him and some tack and i was set)

    Horses are wonderful 🙂 i love my horse and my basenji heehee

  • Houston

    So nice to see the bond that is truly there…it looks so relaxing and fun..great pictures.

    I am trying to convince my hubby that we "need" a horse..maybe one day.. 🙂

  • I remember taking my horse for swims at the dam, friends and I would take the long ride and then swim to cool off, dry out, resaddle and head for home. My folkds had no idea how far we rode and what we got up to! Wonderful memories, thank's for bringing them back.

  • Beautiful, very clean pics.

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