What a Guy!

Magnum: "I'll take my brekky couchtop, please. With a spot of Earl Grey tea. There's a good woman!"
Me: "Right away, Your Highness!"

What are you blathering on about? Basenji? Is that a type of tea? I, madam, am obviously a pillow in need of some cuddling. Need I say more?

What a very good servant Magnum has trained you to be! ROFL! Great pictures and captions!

Such a handsome boy! I love the pillow picture!

You guys are making me feel like I need to get off of the couch and go buy a new cord for my camera so that I can download new Zahra and Chase photos.

Zahra ate the cord.

LOL I need to start posting more too I guess! Bad Danielle for not going out to the muddy park to take pics

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